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Updated May 29, 2020

How Can I Help My Friend Get Through This?

May 30, 2007 by Jessie H. - Burlington, VT

I just got a call from my best friend and she tearfully told me that her baby had been born this morning, a girl with...


Help Explaining down Syndrome to My 5 Year Old

November 17, 2006 by Kim M. - Easton, PA

My son, Jeffrey, has a boy with Down Syndrome in his kindergarten class. Sometimes he tells me that Christopher (the ...


My Future Niece Is Diagnosed with down Syndrome

February 29, 2008 by Sheri S. - Mount Prospect, IL

My best friend is 26 weeks along with her third pregnancy and recently found out her expectant little girl has Down S...


Help with Potty Training a 6-Year Old with down Syndrome

February 05, 2007 by Sylvia M. - Diamond Bar, CA

Are there any mom's out there having a difficult time potty training their children with Down syndrome? My daughter ...


Sister Expecting

November 12, 2008 by Jill B. - San Leandro, CA

My youngest sister is expecting her second child. She is a very hard worker. Her husband never went to college so s...


Behavior Problems at Child's School

April 18, 2007 by Sarah R. - Toledo, OH

My children are repetitively hit by a child at their school who has Down Syndrome. I am somewhat familiar with Downs...



January 18, 2007 by janet e. - Surprise, AZ

I have a beautiful neice with down syndromeand I love her dearly. My question is if anyone would know of any represen...


Friend Has down Syndrome Daughter

December 11, 2006 by kendaskronichles - West Jordan, UT

I just made a terrific new friend. She is a single mom raising two daughters-I visited her this past weekend and met...


Seeking Info on Down's Syndrome

November 07, 2006 by Shannon B. - Lewisville, TX

My sister is 19 weeks pregnant and just had a sonogram - the nuchal fold measurement came back as really high (7.5 co...


What Delays Can I Expect from a Child That Has Down's?

February 28, 2007 by Alysia O. - North Canton, OH

My youngest daughter who is 9 months old has down syndrome. I guess I just want to know what kind of delays to expec...