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Updated Jan 15, 2021

Where to Start

December 07, 2009 by Karen F. - Keller, TX

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction regarding my four year old. He has always been "quirky" and I ...


How to Explain to Son with OCD What His Disorder Is About

September 19, 2007 by Christy A. - Indianapolis, IN

I have an 11 year old son..who is a wonderful little guy. He was diagnosed with OCD at 4 years old and has been on m...


Does Anyone Have a Child with OCD?

January 02, 2007 by Kristi F. - Lamar, AR

I was wondering if someone had a child with OCD? The doctor is sending my son to a developmental therapist to see. Ma...


Experiences Dealing with Ocd/therapy in Children

March 23, 2008 by Leslie H. - Brooklyn, NY

My soon-to-be 10 year old son is grappling with several issues, but the one which is causing the most distress---the ...


4 Year Old Son Wears a Dress!

March 12, 2008 by Laura S. - Fresno, CA

Is this something I should be worried about? He likes cars and playing in the dirt but he favors a pink dress out of ...


Needing Help with 7 Year Old Daughter with OCD

August 18, 2006 by Kristi S. - Memphis, TN

My 7 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with OCD, which is something I knew she had because her father has it ...


Nailbiting Advice

March 21, 2009 by Lisa D. - Pflugerville, TX

My 9 year old daughter has been biting her nails for about two years, but it has gotten increasingly worse in the las...


Grandmother Seeking Advice

February 25, 2008 by Sherry D. - Kingston, GA

My 12 year old granddaughter pulls out her eyelashes. We have done everything we could to stop her. What would make h...


I Would Love to Know If Anyone Has Any Experience with Neuro/biofeedback

February 12, 2008 by Stephanie D. - Dallas, TX

My son is showing signs of OCD. He is unable to let go of fearful thoughts at night when he goes to bed. This has b...


Son May Have OCD

October 25, 2007 by Tammy D. - Blair, NE

I just had a teacher conference and was told my son may have OCD. He is almost ten years old and has had some quirks ...