Taking a 1 Year Old's Temperature

Updated on November 07, 2006
N.S. asks from Finleyville, PA
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Hi All!
I was just wondering what everyone felt was best for checking a toddlers temperature. I am currently using an ear thermometer and I'm not sure just how accurate it is so I was considering buying a temporal artery thermometer. Just wondering if you could tell me what you use and if you like one better than the other.

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answers from Washington DC on

At 1yo I was still taking his core temp.(rectal)
He is 3yo now and I use an oral thermometer. It's also what the child will put up with.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I personally use a temporal artery thermometer. I have found that it's very accurate. I bought it at Wal-Mart for about $35. I know that a lot of people say that they are not good, but I've never had a problem with it. I have already taken the temporal scan and a rectal temp just to see if it was accurate and it was. I have a two and half year old daughter and she loves it. It's so easy to use and I plan on using it on my 3 month old son when the time comes. Hope this helps.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi- my advice...just use the ear thermometer. It will give you at least an idea and you know what it usually says when he is feeling fine, so anything above that, he has a fever. In my mind, I know when he is not feeling well, I know when he has a fever, and I know when he needs to see a doctor. When you get to the doctors office, they will take his temperature to get the most accurate reading. I would not go out and buy another gadget. Just go with your gut. Again, as long as you know what "normal" is with the ear one, then you will know what "abnormal" is too.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have a14 month old daughter and I love my ear thermometer too but if I think she might be running a high fever I also use a regular digital thermometer in her armpit. That's how my pediatrician does it too, in her armpit. In fact he takes it twice over the course a few minutes that way to get an average temp.



answers from Philadelphia on

I've always used the thermometer under the arm. I had an ear thermometer and I wasn't really crazy about it. My little one is now five years old, and I still take it under the armpit. I tried under the tongue with a digital thermometer, but she wouldn't keep it under her tongue.



answers from Harrisburg on

I have a one yr old, and I have only ever used a rectal. It is always accurate. I do not use an ear theremo because it is not accurate because you cant shove it in as far as we can our ears.



answers from Scranton on

I use a regular digital thermometer like me mom used under my son's armpit i think it works best for me and the one i have (vick's) came with a guide to tell you the differences between where you take the temp. and the actual temp like under the arm is 2 degrees lower than the actual temp. and in the mouth is 1 degree higher and so on



answers from Dover on

I read an article somewhere that said temporal thermometers are not very accurate. Of course I have no clue where I saw that. I've always been told to use an ear thermometer or to take an underarm temp. The next best thing is your gut feeling. It's called instinct for a reason, if you think something is not right, it probably isn't. If you don't trust your thermometer, you can always check other points on the body. Back of the neck, small of the back, belly, etc. If the whole body feels warm, he's probably got a fever. Forehead alone isn't always a good indicator.




answers from Reading on

I am a nurse and we use the ear ones in the doctor office they work fine also if you take a temp under the arm just add 1 degree to the temp you get as long as the batteries in the thermometer are good you should get a good reading.

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