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Updated on July 02, 2008
K.N. asks from Frisco, TX
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I live in Frisco and drive to Denison (an hour away) to work. My 3 year old stays with my sister near the office and I work M-TH 9-5. I love Fridays off and get to do all the cleaning and errand running done with my little helper so we can have weekends to spend as a family.
So, the question is, I have the option of changing my schedule to T-TH 8-6. This would mean 4 day weekends every week, but also we would have to be on the road about the time we wake up and will get home just in time for my son to go to bed.
I would need to do some maintenance work from home which should be minimal. The extra day off would help me with my direct sales job I have too. I just cannot decide if having 4 days off is worth working 3 crazy, long days. He would hardly get to see his daddy for those 3 days and would probably eat all 3 meals with my sister, not us. I just don't know what to do.
What are your thoughts?

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So What Happened?

I am going with my gut reaction which is that the benefits of this situation are not worth the huge upset it would be to our lives! Thanks to everyone who put their two cents in!

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answers from Dallas on

I would stick with your 4 days a week. I think at this age, 3, it's important to stick with a reasonable schedule. He needs to get home at a decent time, eat dinner with you and dad, and get to bed at a good hour. It's really hard on little ones to have such a long day. I know, I had my dd in daycare for just a little bit when I worked 12 hour shifts in Dallas. It would turn into a 14 hour day by the time we'd get home. She was exhausted and it just wasn't worth it.



answers from Dallas on

This is just my opinion...I would stick to working 4 days. You want to at least have dinner with him at night...

I am a working Mama too and I don't mind working everyday as long as I get off early enough to spend some quality time with him everyday.

HTH...good luck with your decision!



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I would stick with 4 days...what good is an extra day when for 3 days your son will get zero down time in his own home? He'll have to wake up and leave, come home and go to bed. At 3, kids need routine - working 3 days at those hours would be really hard to maintain routine. You say that the extra day at home would give you time to work on your other I don't see where the benefit to your son is in this. Good luck!



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I would try it for a little while and see if it works out. Since he stays with your sister, I think it would be worth to see if maybe the new schedule isn't as hectic as you thought. Plus you would have 1 full day extra with him, rather than having an extra 1 a day. (Hope that makes sense) Meal time is important to have family together, but your son will be with family. I say try it and hopefully if it doesn't work for you then your job is flexible enough to where you could go back to the old schedule.

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