Words of Encouragement Again??

Updated on August 31, 2011
M.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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Hi mamas- Okay need some words of encouragement again.
Tough time w/DH, SD and going into a full day of helping with my mom who has Alzheimers while also having my dear baby (2 1/2) with me.
I know I can do it, I do it like this 3 days a week plus but still when things are not super great with DH, I get to feeling sort of nervous, scared, beat down, anxious.
Just some words of encouragement will help. I know I am lucky to have my life and those I love around me. :)
And may you all have a great day! :) TIA

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts. We had a great day together yesterday. My lovely mom didn't have an episode, my baby had a fun time, we went for a drive and saw some fun things, I ended up being able to relax a little with the different scenery. All turned out well. Thank you for your well wishes and encouraging words......just what I needed it. It worked. :) Thank you again!!!! :

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remember that as a care-giver, you need to take good care of yourself to be able to do your best to care for those you are caring for (remind yourself of this any time you feel nagging guilty thoughts about "not doing enough" or about taking a break for yourself)



answers from San Diego on

I'm sorry your feeling this way. Big Hugs to you & I'm sending positive energy your way. Have a great day.


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Saying a prayer for you!



answers from Houston on

Count your blessing! Yes, things could probably be better, but they could also be tougher...you said it yourself "I know I can do it" That's a positive and great attitude to start with! You CAN do it! Many blessings to you! HAVE A JOYOUS DAY ;-)



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Sometimes we have so many things in life staring us in the face that we should be thankful for, but that just doesn't hit the mark The things we want most to be okay may not be up to snuff and that may be what is keeping all that is usually shining from really coming thru, but you will get there. Once things get back on track with your mom, you will. It is a lot that you are doing and I, along with many others, admire you. Just be sure you take out a little bit of time from your busy day with your mom and your precious little one for some "you time", I know, that's hard, but just do a little something for yourself. I won't even give you all of the usual mumbo jumbo about how things happen for a reason & all, but just know that what you are doing is appreciated. My stepmom has Alzheimers but her & my dad live in AZ so I don't get out to see them very often, but my dad and I speak every day and he keeps me posted about what a job that can be with the daily care taking. I hope your day turned around somewhat and one thought to ponder is just knowing that what you are doing on a daily basis now is going to be played out in years to come with your own child. You are teaching her love and compassion of your mom and that one day will come back to you as well. You are an amazing woman :)

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