Winter Vacation with 2 and 4 Year Old

Updated on October 22, 2011
B.B. asks from Wakarusa, KS
6 answers

Hi, We want to get away to a warm destination with a 2 and 4 year old. What has been your favorite vacation with the kids this age to somewhere warm? Thanks!!! PS We want to stay in the US, go for a week or longer and spend under $4000.00 for food, lodging, entertainment and flight.....

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answers from Albuquerque on

The Seychelles.

(maybe give us a bit more info on your budget, how far you could travel, how long you want to go, etc.)



answers from Minneapolis on

We're doing Pheonix this year - it apparently has a TON of kids stuff and an amazing children's museum.

We've done San Diego and FL as well (Disney) didn't much care for SD (Sea World was SOOO dirty) and Disney wouldn't have too much for your 2 YO to do. That being said ... it may be free for 2 and under so that would be OK! If your 4 YO is over 42 inches they he/she can go on most if not all the rides at Disney and you can hold the 2 YO on most of the kiddy rides.



answers from Chicago on

We are fortunate, my parents have a place in FL we go there every spring. It is great my hubby and I get some "us" time as my mom takes my son. This year she will take both ( we have a 4 month old as well now). We take them swimming, the park and the beach. We save on expenses because we do not need to pay for Hotel.

We have decided no to take the kids to Disney just yet. With the expense of it, we want to make sure they are old enough to enjoy it and we are able to enjoy it with them. Having two kids that need naps and doing something so energy spending.. we have decided to wait.



answers from Chicago on

We also have a 2 and 4 year old and last year we rented a wonderful 3 bedroom house on Marco Island, FL - fly into Naples (closest) or Miami and rent a car. There are many houses available to rent. We found one with a heated pool and hot tub enclosed with a screen to keep the bugs out and the children in. The houses often have bikes, cribs, high chairs and plenty of toys. Grandpa went with us and we had plenty of room. Renting a house is perfect for a family with small children. You can have the baby monitor on during naps while you and your husband relax in the hot tub. Sooo nice not to be stuck in the hotel room while kids are asleep. Winter is hit or miss for swimming in the ocean, but still played on the beach, visited the wonderful Naples zoo, and plenty of great restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed our week there to get away from the snow. Here's a link to the awesome house we rented. Maybe the week you want to go is still availalbe.


answers from Santa Fe on

One of our best all time winter vacations was to Hawaii and just spending time at the beach. I vote for a warm beach anywhere...that is the best kid vacation. They love playing in the water and sand. Maybe the Florida Keys would be cheaper and easier to get to than Hawaii? I have not been there yet though.



answers from Madison on

I've found the easiest and most enjoyable vacation with young kids is the beach! The kids can play in the sand, ocean and pool for hours and hours. We have enjoyed going to Florida in the winter, but make sure you go towards southern Florida because not all of Florida is warm in the winter. We enjoyed the Ft. Meyer's area. It also had a nice children's museum to visit. When you're deciding where and when to go be sure to look at the average temperatures for the area.

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