Behavior: Carters

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HELP! 20 Month Old Takes Diaper Off, Poops and Plays with It!!!!

My older 3 kids never did anything like this (although I have heard of kid doing this same thing but since none of mine ever did I guess I never paid attention to what to do about it!) My youngest two kiddos are twin girls who are 20 months, they are my foster daughters and have been with us since they were 8 months, we plan on adopting them. Only one of the girls is doing this. She will take her diaper off at nap or during the night and poops in her crib then plays in the poop (smearing it, throwing at her sister across the room, dropping...


Toddler Chore Chart

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pre-made chore chart for a toddler?...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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PLEASE HELP Get 3 1/2 Year Old Girl Dressed!

Hi- It is like pulling teeth to get my daughter (who will be 4 in December)dressed in the mornings. This all started with her saying that her shoes weren't comfortable. Over the summer, she pretty much wore one pair of sandals and that's it. So, when school started, we went shoe shopping and we have a closet full of shoes that are "just not comfortable". She now wears one pair of Dora tennis shoes and occasionally I can get another pair of dressier shoes on her. Well, now this "comfortable" idea is showing up with her clothes. She's...


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I Am Looking for ( Big Sister / Big Brother ) T- Shirts for My Children. = )

I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am having my 4th child and my other three kids are SOOOO excited to have a new baby sister. I would love to get them their own ( Big Sister / Big Brother ) T- shirts. Where would I go to get them. I am on full bed rest. And as of three days ago on Monday, I was 75% effaced and dilated to 2 cm's. Is there a wonderful site online that I can order from or a place in the mall. Does anyone have a good idea of what I should do or where I should look. Thanks mama's.

Social Skills

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Baby Shower for #2

I have a friend who lives out of town, but would like to come down and throw...



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Just for Fun: Crazy Christmas Stories

Hi mommas, I am in the mood for some good humor.... Since we just had Christmas a few days ago, any funny stories you want to share involving your kids (or husband, whatever)? My 3 year old little one is wonderfully potty trained, albeit new to the concept of training etiquette. We had a beautiful Christmas dinner: candlelight, red napkins, ham, was perfect and nearly "Rockwellian!" Until: right in the middle of dinner, my son loudly announced, 'I have to pee!" and prompty took off to the guest bathroom, which is...


Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than...