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Self Tanner

K.H. asks from Sarasota

Hi, Mamas! I would like to find a self-tanner. One that doesn't streak, look orange, or smell funny. I am fairly light skinned. Everything I've tried lately (for ...


A Good Self Tanner,and How to Remove a Bad Self Tanner?

L.J. asks from Seattle

I was wondering if any body has a good self tanner, that makes you brown instead of orange and when it fades, it does not get blotchy,it just fades naturally?


Seeking a Good Self-tanner

C.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I'm new to this site and hoping someone could recommend a good self-tanner. I've never tried anything before so I'm not sure which ones would leave streaks. ...


Self Tanner

N.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I'm looking for some recommendations for a good and reasonably priced self tanner. Easy to apply (non-messy) would be a plus. Are the lotions with self ta...



S.L. asks from San Francisco

I am a very pale, very freckly woman in my late 30s with strawberry blond hair. A few years ago, I stopped wearing shorts altogether. Too many people commented on my ...


Self-tanner for a Lady with Pale Skin

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! I am super excited for summer, especially since I am a teacher and home with my boys. However, after a few scares at the derm office, I am super diligent about su...


Face Cream

M.P. asks from St. Louis

I am knocking at 40's door and, my face is starting to show it. :( I have spent money on creams that claim they help with undereye bags and wrinkles but, they don'...


Need a Great Self Tanner . . .

K.C. asks from Barnstable

So I am headed to West Palm Beach Florida in a few weeks and I am a pasty-white New Englander. I have no desire to fry in a tanning booth so I am looking for an exce...


Good Face Cream

L.R. asks from Chicago

My mom is undergoing infusions for her RA and it is drying her skin out ~ especially her face. Can anyone recommend a good face cream for her to use that will help h...


What Is on My FACE?

M.A. asks from Chicago

Long story short..was in the outdoors last weekend. Felt like something bit me near my ear, slight itch/sting then nothing. also was near some tree debris in same a...