How to Minimize Oily Face - Tips or Great Products?

Updated on April 18, 2010
S.J. asks from Bryant, WI
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Looking for some tips or (affordable) products to face, especially the forehead is ALWAYS oily/greasy! Any way to minimize this? I'm constantly using the oil absorbing sheet, but I can't even go an hour without it getting oily again, no matter what the temperature, etc. I think I have a never-ending supply of oil ;-)

Edited to Add: I rarely break out, I don't overwash my face, and I do put on a minimal amount of Neutrogena face lotion, as I have a few dry patches as well. I wear some make-up, but currently not much cover up.

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answers from Minneapolis on

try a loose powder with cornstarch (zea mays) as the main ingredient instead of talc. Bare Minerals makes an awesome one called mineral veil. If you're looking to go a bit more affordable, Physician's Formula has a mineral translucent powder that is good too. I love them both :). Good luck!

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answers from Fresno on

My face was an absolute grease pit for most of my life. Finally I got so sick of it! I'm in my 30's; I shouldn't have skin like a 15 year old boy, right? I went to the dermatologist and after making me try a bunch of completely useless stuff (antibiotics - hello, skin still greasy!, topical medications - great, now I have peeling, greasy skin!) they finally got out the big guns and put me on Accutane. Now, Accutane is not for the faint of heart. It's pretty serious stuff and causes birth defects so you can't take it if you're pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, breastfeeding, etc. Fortunately, I'm none of those things, so I could take it. I'm in month 4 of the 6-month treatment and WOW does this stuff work! My skin is actually really, really dry right now, and after I'm done with the treatment it will even out to just normal/dry. But literally 3 days into using the medication, I had no more oil left on my skin. None. And I will have none possibly for the rest of my life (treatment lasts anywhere from 10 years to forever... good stuff). If you have health insurance, it will cover the cost of the medication, lab tests, etc. If you don't have health insurance, then disregard this, as the medication is not cheap.

I hope you find something that works for you! Oily skin is no fun. =(



answers from La Crosse on

I would try Mary Kay's oil mattifier. It costs $15 - but helps to control oil through out the day. Also, are the tissues you use to absorb oil - linen? MK has great beauty blotters which are 100% linen which remove the oil - and NOT your makeup.



answers from Chicago on

Have you considered going to a dermotologist? They may have some medicines that will either help you not have as much oil or to at least not break out from it. Personally, I like some of the lotions that seem to seal your skin, like from Mary Kay. Also I use Bare Essentials powder makeups. I think the powders are light and are great at absorbing the excess oils. It looks natural, not cakey, and is easy to reapply as needed.



answers from New York on

Neutrogena products does wonder for me...i lost all the hopes of 'off and on' eruptions of acne...but Neutrogena came as a surprise for me...i regularly use acne wash of neutrogena and now i have oily and acne free skin...
Try it!



answers from Chicago on

I used to have really oily skin and the forehead was awful and my skin would get really shiny, yuck. I also went through a lot of wipes/rice papers. I started to use astringent twice a day on the worst areas and it did help cut it down. Now I only have a few days here or there though I am older than when it was at its worst. I also used Oil of Olay moisturizer since it has SPF 15 all the time but so not sure if that helped as already mentioned.



answers from Sherman on

I second the Mary Kay timewise skin care for combo/oily skin as well as the oil mattifier


answers from Provo on

After you wash your face do you put lotion on it? I know it sounds like a crazy thing to do on an oily face, but it works.
I'm a theatre major and one of the things they teach us is that when you wash your face ALWAYS put on lotion. When you wash off all the oils your skin will then tell it to produce more as to compensate for the lack of oils. Often times not knowing when to stop. Also after the lotion dry's apply a light powder foundation to absorb the access oils. If your not a makeup wearer then there are some powders at theatre makeup stores that I use all the time. Its designed to absorb A LOT of moisture since you are on stage. I like Ben Nye.



answers from Green Bay on

I had a problem with oily skin too, until i started using the Optimal Skin products from Mannatech. The cleanser is wonderful and takes only a very small amount to do the job then add the moisture cream. Try it and you will be amazed. to learn more, or call me ###-###-#### - I would love to share my story.



answers from Minneapolis on

What kind of foundation do you wear? You might want to try mineral powder foundation -- I use the kind by BareMinerals, which was the first to come along. I love the way it looks, and my skin is less oily later in the day.



answers from Tampa on

Clean & Clear products are good and not too expensive.



answers from Chicago on

You need to find a skincare product that is specific to oily/combination skin. You can put a moisturizer on all you want, but it won't work for your skin if it's made for normal or dry skin (which most are). Some skincare lines have products that actually help control oil throughout the day. Mary Kay has a really great line. Once you've found the right products for your skin, use a powder foundation to help with additional oil control. You can also try an oil mattifier, which can be used in oily spots on your skin to control the oil all day.



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I use a product line called Jafra. It's along the lines of Mary Kay but I like it MUCH better. Iti s also made with much more natural products. I have VERY oily skin (and have always had trouble with acne). I use the control products from Jafra, which include a cleanser, toner, and daytime/nighttime creams. Even with the creams (which I have always avoided in the past because they seemed to make my skin more oily), my skin doesn't feel NEARLY as oily. And my skin has never been more clear. I have used this for the last year and have never looked back. My husband has also started using their men's care line and loves it. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

i also have very oily skin and i am an esthetician (skin care specialist) you should be using a cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin. (i am also a mary kay beauty consultant and i use the timewise line for combination/oily skin) i then put on the oil mattifier. this is a must-if i forget to put it on, i'm mopping up the oil later. i love this product because you can put in on over your makeup later in the day if you are oily. you can order the products from my and i have free shipping! hope this helps!


answers from Dallas on

I agree with MegandOllie,
If you don't have the proper moisture, you face will produce the oil. Shaklee makes a moisturizer (as well as other skincare products) for oily skin. Using it may normalize your skin over time. You can find it at

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