White Bumps on Tip of Son's Tongue

Updated on April 26, 2010
E.R. asks from Plano, TX
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For the last couple of week's my 5 year old son has been getting those swollen white pumps on his tongue....I call them the taste buds but know that they have a name. And I've had them before too but not constantly! He's been dealing with it for 2 months now.....At one point I think the side of his tongue was bothering him too....Anyone know the causes or what to do? I'll be calling the dr and dentist office later today.....Thanks

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So What Happened?

Dr said it was viral, more bothersome than anything and if it didn't go ahway and stay away he was going to send us to an Ear Throat Dr...We did give him Orajel to numb it a bit..Looks better today, hopefully will be gone tomorrow!

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Hand, foot, and mouth disease can cause little bumps on the tongue, too. There are so many things it could be when it comes to the mouth....really only your doctor will be able to tell you. My friend has been getting sores on her tongue...big nasty ones that come and go...and the 3 or 4 doctors she has been to have not been able to tell her what the exact reason is yet because there are so many possible causes

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Does it look like Thrush? Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth and it is white bumps on the tongue. It could also be canchor sores from eating too much salt. I would call your doctor just to be sure though.

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constipation has a lot of relations to canquer soars. is that what it is? If so, how's his bowel movements been? Also, warm water with salt and gargle if you can it will clear it up a lot faster. and if he has any allergies to anything it can also be strawberry tongue.

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I'd also recommend calling the pediatrician.

Yes, the bumps on your tongue are taste buds, and they can be inflamed for a variety of reasons. Some are viral, some perhaps because of acidic foods.

Your pediatrician should be able to take a look and perhaps recommend treatment. There's a product that a pharmacist can compound called Mary's Magic Mouthwash that's prescribed to help with such issues. I don't know if it's recommended for pediatric patients, but it's worth a call.

Good luck. Hope he's better soon.

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Hi E.,

I agree with Dana that viruses and also acidic foods can cause these. If it's viral there are digestive enzymes that can stop this from happening. If it 's the food, a simple change in diet.

High grade tea tree oil on them or duiluted and gargled will help and is safe. The Mary's Magic Mouthwash is simply hydrocortisone which I only would consider using if there is something life threatening.


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