Where to Get the Best Deal on Baby Formula?

Updated on July 26, 2011
K.D. asks from Greenville, TX
8 answers

I am weaning my son right now and he will be taking formula for about a month before we transition to milk. Where do you buy your baby formula? He has taken to Similac so thats what we are interested in buying. Thanks!!

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answers from Hartford on

I bought formula on ebay. It saved me a ton of money even with the shipping costs. Everything was unopened and sealed.

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answers from Portland on

I loved the Target brand when my daughter was little

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answers from Kansas City on

if you are okay with switching brands I would recoment the Target brand. all formulas have the exact same nutrional value, they have to so the walmart brand has the same nutritionl value and enfamil or similac, just as similac has the same as enfamil. you can check it out on the can. With our oldest he was so picky plus he was lactose free. we used the Target brand lactose free. the bonus it for the same price of a can of similac you get a can almost twice the size. i wouldnt trust cans bought from craigslist or similar sites because they can look okay, but if they used a really small needle to inject something you may not notice it. plus, the prices are pretty similar on the brand names of formula no matter where you get them.

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answers from Dallas on

Did you sign up at similac.com to get your $5 coupons? I'm assuming they still send them out. I got them 2 years ago. Also, if he is over 9 months, you can switch the the go and grow formula. Which is the same size container, but if I remember correctly about $10 cheaper. I did find Target and Wal-Mart to have the cheapest price on Similac. My daughter loved Similac and had no problems making the transistion to Babies R Us brand which is $13 a can. Also, check Babies R Us for coupons. Often online they have coupons for discounts on formula and you can use the $5 coupons from Similac in addition to their coupons.



answers from Dallas on

Sams Club just started selling a larger container of Similac. It's about $27. Otherwise, I keep an eye out for coupons (my aunt very sweetly mails me any she finds too) for the stuff and buy them all up when they go on sale. Target has the consistently lowest price for the standard large container in my area but I've purchased it as low as $13 a box with coupons and sale timing.

PS: I read on The Simple Dollar today to hold onto your coupons for a month. He's found that stores put out coupons to push products out the door and then about a month later they put those same products on sale. If your coupons are still good then he says you can score some amazing deals. I'm interested to try this theory on formula in particular.



answers from Minneapolis on

Costco has the best price on similac.


answers from Los Angeles on

Seriously, I've found some great deals on eBay and Craigslist. As long as they're not opened or expired I don't have any problem buying them there.



answers from Dayton on

I had always heard that off brand formula was just as good as name brand, but my old ped said that the fillers and extras weren't as nutritious. He recommended staying with name brand if possible budget-wise and prefered Similac to the other b/c of studies showing children on Similac had stronger bones than those on other formulas. I'd try Sam's - they always seemed to have the best deals around here.

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