Generic or off Brand Diapers and Formula

Updated on February 17, 2011
A.M. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Wondering if any moms use or have used generic or off brand diapers and or formula. With my first son who is now 4 years old I only used pampers or huggies and Similac but now with baby #2 I am wondering what experiences moms have had with for example Sams club or Target brand diapers or formula or even Babies R Us. I currently use Pampers and Similac(unfortunately went back to work and my breast milk supply pretty much went away) but would be willing to try something else for the price difference. Thanks for the advice in advance!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

LOVED the Kirkland diapers from Costco. Tried Pamper, Huggies, Sams and they were all awful (used them only when we traveled). We used Enfamil (just what he started in the hospital and no problems so we never tried another brand) - bought it at Costco - much cheaper than elsewhere. We also used the Kirkland wipes - unscented, cheaper and no problems with them.



answers from Gainesville on

I cloth diaper/cloth wipes(huge $$ saver) but when I need disposables I use Luvs. At least $2 cheaper than Pampers or Huggies and work just as well.


answers from Nashville on

We do use Huggies for her dippers and wipes (it was the only kind I could use as a baby and the only kinda 2 of her aunts could use). So we just used them to be safe. However we do use off brand formal. We use the Wal-Mart brand and she does really good with it. She now won't drink the Enfamil which is the what the Wal-Mart off brand is.

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answers from St. Louis on

Costco has great diapers. Target diapers are junk!

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answers from Iowa City on

I cloth diaper except at night and when I am out and about. In those instances I use parent's choice diapers (the walmart brand) and they work just as well as pampers on my baby. They improved the parent's choice diapers the beginning of this year (I think) so that the tabs are stretchy and the diapers fit better. I imagine they are pretty similar to the Sam's Club brand diapers but since I have never used them I cannot guarantee that. I have used Target diapers and they also work well, in my opinion.


answers from San Francisco on

Target diapers were perfectly fine for the first 3 months or so - but once my son stared going less often but more at a time they leaked. After that we moved to kirkland brand (Costco) and used them with no problems for the rest of the time he was in diapers.


answers from Dallas on

I switched my daughter from Similac Advance to the kroger brand organic formula and she had no problems. Also, I have used the wal-mart brand parent's choice diapers since we ran out of what we got at the baby shower and they work great! They aren't as good as pampers swaddlers, but do a much better job at preventing blowouts than huggies and luvs.



answers from Minneapolis on

for diapers, i use whatever's cheapest when i don't use cloth diapers. mostly, they are the same to me, but there have been a few brands that i didn't like at all (NOT a fan of pampers, for example, bacause they consistently leak on my son). I would suggest buying the smaller package of a gen brand and decide whether it works for you or not :)
i have also used the target formula for three of my kids so far (the fourth kid is still getting through the free samples:) ) my ped even recommends the gen formula- it's regulated really closely, and none of them have had any problems. we used the generic for enfamil and the enfamil travel packages, and went back and forth between the two with absolutely no issues. i would strongly recommend going generic on that (again, you might buy a smaller can to test run it?)



answers from Los Angeles on

My aunt uses Target brand diapers and I was surprised. She was recommended them by a friend and my mother likes them aswell (she has a daycare) Try them out, with Target if you dont like them, even opened you can return them


answers from Tucson on

I don't know about formula, but have tried quite a few generic diapers. My favorite diapers are pampers and costcos kirkland brand diapers. I dont like target generic diapers. I don't like walmarts either. Huggies leak and the tabs break off. HTH


answers from Minneapolis on

I do home childcare (near you..just down the road in Brooklyn Park, close to the Champlin line!). I offer one brand of formula, per food program regulations. Most parents over the years have breastfed, but the ones who do formula can use the brand I offer, or supply their own. Having formula supplied at daycare can save a family alot of money (typically 3 bottles a day here, plus whats added to cereal/baby food mixtures for breakfast and lunch).

I get to choose the kind I offer. I offer Sam's Club. I have never had any kids with any problems on it and have used it for years.

As far as diapers, parents supply those...and I have had MANY parents over the years who work for Target corporation. They get a discount shopping there..and apparently a further one for using a Target credit or debit card of some sort (a parent recently told me this). That "company store" mentality. Sure wish I got that! LOL But many families have used the Target brand diapers. I like them just fine! Most other families use Huggies. A little better, but I don't pay for them so I don't know the cost difference. But consider that I change ALOT of diapers every month, as compared to a regular "joe-mom"...and I never have had any issue with Target ones myself. I don't do overnight so don't know if that is different. When my own (now 16) daughter was little..I never needed any sort of night time I assume all children are different in this respect.

To go a step further. I have tried every kind of wipes on the planet. If i get generic (Walmart has one that is OK..but I use 2 for every one, so not really a deal). I hate Pampers..they are slippery and too slick for me. I just gave a whole case, minus one pack to my niece cuz I just could not do them any more on this attempt again. I will ONLY use Huggies wipes. Period. (remember..ALOT of diapers per using for in between hand wipes, face wiping, etc. ALOT! LOL)

So theres my review!



answers from Dallas on

I use Pampers so I have never really used an off brand diaper. However, I have experimented with many of the off brand formulas. My son did not do well with Enfamil. It literally stunk and made him spit up. The generic Sam's brand did the same thing so it did not work for us. My pediatrician recommended Similac Sensitive and that worked very well for him. The Target generic was just as effective, and a little better in price. Ultimately, I ordered a case of Similac Sensitive off of ebay. The containers are sealed, not expired, and not recalled. It ended up costing me about $18 a container for the 1.45lb. So my advise is since every baby is different. If they are OK with Enfamil then the Sam's brand is your best deal, otherwise try the Target generics or eBay.



answers from Atlanta on

With my first I used Huggies and Enfamil and I hate to think of all the money I wasted! With the second I decided to at least give the store brand diapers a try, and I found that I LOVED both Kroger Comforts brand and Target Up and Up brand. We also use their pull ups.

With the second I also used Comforts or Up and Up soy formula. It's literally half the price of Similac or Enfamil. A friend of mine whose sister is a WIC counselor told her that ALL infant formula has to be identical in ingredients and quality -it's mandated by the FDA so that poor children aren't automatically given inferior formula. NOW -this changes if you need a special type of formula. IF a store brand has a version of the specialty type, then it does have to be the same, but Enfamil and Similac do make some types of formula especially for preemies or babies with iron issues or digestive problems. However, if you're just looking for regular baby formula or soy formula -try the store brand!


answers from St. Louis on

I posted this earlier and it got pulled twice, BUT???
If you want to try generic diapers Walgreens has a great sale right now where you can get their diapers for $2.59 a package. It is a buy one get one free sale and then they have coupons at the jewlery counter making them the $2.59.

With that being said. I have never had any problems with generic diapers or formula, but I think it all depends on the kid as well. Some can wear anything and some only do well with a particular brand. But at $2.59 a package I would try it.



answers from Minneapolis on

We use target brand diapers and formula, and absolutly LOVE them!!!! I actually like the target brand diapers better than pamper and huggies.



answers from Cleveland on

I cloth diaper but I have heard many good things about Costco's generic diapers.



answers from Philadelphia on

I used pampers with my first but now with my 2nd I use bjs brand and am happy with them. My one friend used target brand formula with her last two. Hope this helps.



answers from Minneapolis on

For our second baby, at first I of course still wanted only the softest diapers which I think are Pampers Swadders. After a the first 5 months though, we switched to Target's diapers for daytime and Costco's Kirkland diapers for night-time (exactly like Huggies Little Movers IMO). I do agree with one poster who said that Huggies (and Costco's generic) do a better job at wicking away moisture but since my husband or I are home with our baby we can look often to see if she's wet so it isn't an issue using Target during the day to save some $$ considering she gets changed 10x/day still!

We use Target's generic Gentle formula -- no problems at all!



answers from Dallas on

I used the Babies R Us formula with my daughter and she had no problems. However, my daughter had no problems going from regular Similac to Enfamil Soy, to Similac Soy, to the Babies R Us Soy Brand. I liked the Babies R Us formula because it wasn't as thick as the Enfamil and dissolved easily. I haven't tried generic diapers, but I'm thinking about it on my next round of diapers. If you stick with Pampers, I didn't notice a difference between the Cruisers and the Baby Dry's and with the Baby Dry's you get a lot more diapers per box.


answers from Spokane on

We used Costco brand diapers and formula.
Although, with my 2nd the formula tended to cause constipation so we did have to switch to a brand name.


answers from Lincoln on

My favorite wipes are the Target brand. Diapers I use whatever. But usually make sure I have Pampers or Huggies for nighttime. The super Target here will take more than one coupon for an item and even take expired coupons - so when I use those and they're on sale the names brands can be less than the store brand! (I once used 3 coupons, 2 of them expired and got a pack of Pampers swaddlers for $3.99!) I've used Walgreens brand when they were buy one get one 50% off plus I had a $5 off any Walgreens purchase - 2 packs/42 size 2 for $7.47!! But if your baby is sensitive you may have to stick to one brand. Target also has coupons you can print online. Formula I don't know much about but my friend always used the Target brand with no problems.



answers from Minneapolis on

Luvs are great and very reasonable. I have also used Target brand and they worked fine. At nights especially with small infant that still nurses I would do name brand one size up to get through without changing diapers.



answers from Phoenix on

I had always used Huggies and tried Target after a friend said they worked great. They are really pretty good and we used them for nearly 8 months. When my son had a yeast infection that won't go away i bought a pack of huggies again and now can see the difference! Target is decent, but the huggies really do wic away the moisture from their skin so much better. We are now true believers in not all brands are the same. But I know lots who use the generic and they work just as good for their kiddos. Sometimes you just have to try and see what works best for you.



answers from Detroit on

I used Costco and Sam Club diapers, wipes and formula with both of mine and had no problems at all. I loved that I saved so much money too. My boys did just fine on them.



answers from Washington DC on

I tried the walmart and target brand diapers and they were a terrible fit for our daughter. I don't know if it was just her or if it was the diapers but they leaked and worst of all pooh would get up her back. Yuck.... We went right back to pampers swaddlers and never had a leak or up the back issue with them. However the ONLY formula either of my girls could tolerate was the Parent's Choice Gentle formula. That's the walmart version on the Gentle Ease. We tried all the EXPENSIVE formulas (including nutramigen & alimentum) with both of our daughters (they are four years apart) but nothing would stay down and the gas was just pitiful. Our DR recommended we try the Parent's Choice Gentle formula and literally within a day it was like a whole new baby. No more vomiting or gas attacks. The only thing we can figure is that maybe is isn't as strong as the name brand versions but whatever it was worked for us and at $12 for a large can you can't beat the price.


answers from Stockton on

I like the Costco diapers and believe it or not WalMarts brand of diapers better than Target's brand.

I have only used formula many years ago when my older two kids were babies. I used enfamil, or Costco brand for that as well. I never had any issues.

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