Where can I buy affordable nursing gowns

Updated on October 09, 2006
P. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Where are some good places to buy nursing gowns that are affordable?

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Nursing gowns are available at lots of place such as, Motherhood Maternity, Burlington Coat Factory. Check the article for more info.

So What Happened?

Thanks for the tips ~ I went to Grapevine Mills and hit all the stores mentioned. I ended up finding a nice set at Motherhood Maternity I think she will like :-}
I was impressed with the selection available at Burlington Coat Factory for babies in the Baby Depot - wow! Lots of stuff... Good to know!

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Motherhood Maternity. You can also find them at Babies R Us. The ones with a matching robe are $35 or $40. There are some without the gown for $20 or $25.

The gown was nice for in the hospital and the first couple weeks at home, but I didn't wear mine after that. So, don't fret if you can't find one. I was quite shocked at their prices, seeing as they are all covered in those horrible floral designs. Seems like Target might have had one with a little more modern look.

Stretchy tank tops (I loved the Old Navy ribbed ones) and some comfy pajama bottoms (stretchy, cotton ones big enough for the post-baby belly) work just fine too.

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The cheapest I have found is Burlington Coat factory/Baby Depot at Grapevine Mills Mall. I think they were 13.00 or less and some came w/ matching blankets or sleepers for the baby. Too cute! JC Penny Outlet and Motherhood Maternity Outlet at Grapevine Mills mall are also great!

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The JCPenney Outlet at Grapevine Mills Mall had an good selection of nursing gowns, nursing gowns with robe sets and nursing shorty pajamas, in the lingerie section, the last time I was there (about a month or so ago). I bought 3 sets (2 gowns with robes and one shorty pj set) when I was pregnant with my daughter (7 years now) through the JCPenney catalog and was able to use them all throughout nursing her and they were still in excellent condition when I had my son (almost 2 now), so I thought the quality for what I paid was pretty good. Good luck! :-)

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