Nursing Pjs and Bras.

Updated on May 04, 2011
M.. asks from Detroit, MI
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Hi Ladies,
Im looking for nursing jammies and bras for the hospital. I probably need at least 3 of each. Im finding jammie sets for like $50+ a piece!! Motherhood isnt that expensive but they dont have much of a selection. I dont want gowns, but pants and shirt sets. Thanks for any help!

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answers from Pittsfield on

If you're having a c-section, I would strongly recommend a gown (my 2 cents)
Congratulations on the baby! :)

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answers from Austin on

I was bleeding too heavy to want to wear new PJs. They line the bed with a pad to help soak up blood while you're in bed and sleeping--because you really don't realize how much blood you're passing. Oh, and the big ol' ice pack menstrual pad thing... Im not even sure what size underwear you'd need to accommodate that! For my 2nd, I only brought a few pairs of panties--never wore them. Just stayed in those mesh panties they give you... And when they get all red, you throw them away. I stayed in the hospital gowns, because those tend to get blood on them too--and once the blood flow subsides, it's time to go home.

My suggestion is to keep your PJs ready for when you get home. Besides, you'll be so busy with your newborn (and choppy sleep) once you get home, you're not gonna want to deal with treating any blood stains on your new PJs.

As for nursing bras, your milk won't come in for 2-3 days. So you won't need a bra for 'support'. I just loosened the neck tie on the gown and nursed without a bra. I was a big C/D at that time. If you are naturally large chested, you might want a nursing bra--but you really can't guess your size until your milk cones in. So, if you buy it ahead of time, you might be wasting your $.

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answers from Phoenix on

I wouldn't get any for the hospital....nothing like ruining expensive pjs with blood. I just stayed in the gown or used a maternity shirt. The stay at the hospital is so short and no one expects a perfect looking new mom.

Also, never had pjs for home. Just couldn't pay the price. A tshirt and nursing bra worked well.

I personally would not buy more than one nursing bra before you give birth. And the basic sleep ones do the trick. You really have no idea how big you will get after birth once the milk comes in.

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answers from San Francisco on

Don't spend money on stuff for the hospital, even if you plan on a "natural" birth, like me, you will still be so out of it you won't even care what you're wearing. Ugly hospital gowns are perfect for postpartum and early nursing and the best part is you get to leave them behind, no muss no fuss!
Wait until you get home and get into a pattern to decide what you REALLY need. I found nursing pj's a waste of money (more comfy in boxers & a tank top) but I so loved good nursing bras (from and because I leaked constantly (not every mother does) I was thrilled to have lots of nursing pads.) Best of luck, ENJOY!!!

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answers from San Diego on

-1 sleep nursing bra is comfy and easy/simple to pull down

-3 nursing tank tops--they are awesome! They will be good at the hospital when you have company, and for under t-shirts or jammies to keep your waist covered when you pull your shirt up to nurse. I owned 3 tanks and used them all the time for a year!

-1 cute gown/shirt top with pull-down/cris-cross top so your pictures will be cute (for day 2 only really, b/c you'll be in hospital gown the first day..with bleeding and stuff). I had a cute gown and it was nice b/c I recovered quickly and could walk around my room and the hallways modestly, but I waited till the worst of the bleeding was done before putting it on so I wouldn't ruin it.

-all the other specialized nursing shirts I found were awkward to use and didn't lay as nicely on my body as in the photos in the ads. I preferred to buy a t-shirt with large body (maybe a size up from my norm) and just pull it up to nurse--it was much more modest than the nursing shirts I tried.

Congrats on the baby and being a mommy!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I totally agree with not wearing anything other than the hospital gown in the hospital. I figure I'm paying for it, I'll let my blood ruin their clothes. Ha ha. I got nursing pajamas with pants from both pajamagram (as a gift) and motherwear (I bought online) as well as some hand-me-down ones that were shorts and tops. I loved them for after my baby was born (I nursed for 16 months with my first and am still trying to wean my almost 2 year old). They were expensive, but worth it as I've worn them for just over 3 years now (I had two pair of summer and 2 pair of winter ones). They make nursing so much more convenient at night or early morning when I'm tired and groggy. The motherwear and hand-me-downs were made to be worn immediately postpartum while the pajamagram ones were not. That meant the pajamagram ones didn't fit until I'd lost most of my baby weight and the others are a little loose now--just a thing to think about. Good luck.

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answers from Miami on

Oh no, you don't need 3 of each. I have one nursing night gown. IF you can get two bras, that is about all you need. I'm sure you plan on washing laundry more than once a week. I bought a very nice nursing nightgown with matching robe at a consignment for something like $10. I know you are looking for pants and shirt sets...why not just get a basic shirt/pants set that is a little larger? I wouldn't waste money on something special. And depending on where you live, you can probably get by with pants and just your nursing bra. Good luck.
And I agree with Red....just wear the hospital gowns. So much easier!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Lol. I bought some nice jammies to wear, and wound up staying in the hospital gowns. I was too tired to change, and they were pretty comfortable! Plus it was pretty easy access... just unsnap the shoulder and go to town. I just wore 2-one forward and one backward. :P Once I got home I just slept in a nursing bra and skin. Lol.

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answers from Tucson on

I like the sleeping nursing bra for hospital and i only bought one nursing jammie set. I stay in hospital for 3 days because i am strep b positive. I bought both of them at motherhood.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I bought a great underwire nursing bra that I have lived in for the last 13 months, 24/7 (aside from washing it LOL)
Pj's, I just bought a cute set at walmart & a nice matching robe & slippers, so I'd look ok for visiters. Anything with either a button down fron, or easy pull up shirt will do just fine. I did have a nursing gown years ago with my 2nd daughter, it had some weird peekhole flaps for my boobs. convenient but weird.

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answers from Columbia on

I second the nursing tanks from Target. They're cheap, they're comfortable, you can wear them to sleep or under shirts as a cami. I wore them at the hospital with pajama pants too. But really, anything with easy boob access will work for the hospital and breastfeeding once you get home. Those nursing tank tops and bras by Gilligan O'Malley were a lifesaver though.

I don't know if you've looked at other accessories, but you might also get yourself a few Medela Therashells. For the first month or so, those were lifesavers for me as well. While your nipples get used to breastfeeding, they can get pretty sore. You put on a little lanolin and then put one of these shells on under your nursing bra and they keep the fabric from rubbing on you, plus they allow airflow to your nipples so they heal quicker.


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answers from Nashville on

I've got some really great nursing nightgowns from They are really affordable and REALLY look nice. So nice that I thought they were dresses at first lol.



answers from Dallas on

I lived in the nursing tanks from Target (gilligan o'malley) and shorts when I got home. I took a gown to the hospital and a pj set but they were both the majamas and so they were expensive. Love them, lasted me through three babies, but I don't think you need them at the hospital.

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