What to Do with Breastpump?

Updated on January 04, 2010
L.M. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

I am done with my breast pump, a medela pump in style. Since they are supposed to be one user devices what do I do with it?

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answers from Reno on

You can have it refurbished ( costs about $50 and sell it ) My sis let me use her breast pump after refurbishing ( which you can have Medela do) and it works great and saved me a ton of money. I bet loads of mommies on here would love to buy yours:)



answers from Chicago on

L. et al:

please be aware that this pump is NOT approved by the fda for multiple users... Please see the medela website for this information or the fda site.

Hygeia is the only personal pump approved for multiple users...


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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd call the hospital's lactation consultant, your OB/GYN or your pediatrician and ask if they have any suggestions on how to donate it (if even possible). I was thinking the same thing when we're doing having kids - I don't want to throw away a perfectly good pump that someone else can use.

I was also going to suggest calling Medela to see what they recommend. Personally, I don't want to sell mine. I'd rather give it charitably to someone who could put it to good use, and they may have some suggestions.



answers from Chicago on

You can sell a used breastpump or pass it on to someone you know is going to need it. Refurbishing is really replacing the attachments. I have a friend that did this and it was passed on to her sil who then passed it to a neighbor. The only change was new attachments, including tubing. I recently sold my pump--not Medela. I first bought new tubing for it--I already had replacement parts for the other pieces.



answers from Chicago on

Sell or give to a friend. I've also seen them for sale at consignment sales.



answers from Chicago on

Sell it on Craigslist! The new owner can buty all new spare parts. There's no reason a breast pump shouln't be used again as long as te proper parts are replaced.

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