What's the Best Party for 2 and 4? - Tremonton,UT

Updated on November 03, 2011
V.D. asks from Smithfield, UT
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I am doing a combined birthday party for my 2 and 4 year old daughters. The theme is Strawberry shortcake. Being it is a birthday party that includes a 2 year old I don't want to overwhelm her or do anything that would upset her. We just went to a 2 year old birthday party last weekend and it was a mess. That poor kid. They had him open gifts first then tried to take them away to do other party stuff.

What is the best order to a party to have the most fun? ie. cake, presents. other?

What ideas do you have for a strawberry shortcake party? I still want to make it fun for my 4 year old. ie. decorations, cake.

There may be only one other kid there so I'm not worrying about games for this family party. How can I make it special?

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answers from San Francisco on

A very small gathering, where the little ones can run and play. Cake, ice cream, juice boxes, some simple gift bags.....thank you for coming.


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answers from Denver on

WOW! I just had my 2 and 4 yr olds' birthday last weekend. Too funny. ;) Luckliy, we have used the Halloween theme so far each year. We usually go to the park, at my daughter's request and we only have our next door neighbors and one other family. We show-up, let them play, give them a break for cake, play some more and then leave after about an hour with little gift sacks and sometimes a balloon. This year we went to the Wildlife Experience due to the snow on the ground. It was cheap since we only had to pay for a few. We did the cupcakes outside at one of the patio tables before we went in. We were SO glad we did since all three families went through the exhibits at different paces and left at different times due to melt-downs, etc.
We never do presents in front of the kids. I find that it takes too long and the other kids get ancy.
We've done cupcakes, cupcakes that are pushed together to look like a cake and donuts. We even thought about doing a Halloween gingerbread house but haven't yet. You could let them build their own strawberry shortcake???
They will have a blast no matter what! Have fun!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Since you have a 2 yr old, keep it simple AND short. 2 hrs

Have appetizers sitting out on table


Little nibbles: chips, dip, pretzels, carrtos/celery & ranch
An easy lunch

Decorations: Strawberry shortcake napkins & plates
then just add pink & red streamers and balloons

Give your daughters something strawberry shortcake to keep:
jewelry box or bracelet
strawberry shortcake pictures for their rooms
strawberry shortcake t-shirts
strawberry shortcake pinata?
have a friend dress up as lil miss shortcake as a surprise guest?
take polaroid pictures w/each guest

have a little area set up as strawberry shortcake's room (get creative)
red sofa, pink chair, little plastic table, little rug etc.
(you can even take the photos there)

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answers from Denver on

I've always found some great ideas at www.birthdaypartyideas.com
It has a kids party list and it's broken down by theme and you can check out the Strawberry Shortcake parties that parents have done for their younger kiddos.

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answers from Redding on

If it's just a family party...simple.
Have your decorations, lunch or dinner, cake/ice cream, then presents, done.

Have fun.

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answers from Phoenix on

At that age, a park party is great - cheap & easy. You really don't need anything else. I would personally wait to open gifts at home, especially given that the party is for both kids & the gift opening would take a large portion of fun time away from the kids.

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answers from St. Louis on

since there's only going to be one other child there....let the girls open & enjoy their gifts! It will make the adults feel appreciated.

Make it simple....lots of balloons, lots of curly ribbon. Set up the table with both + confetti, SS toys, etc. Let the girls dress up in costume....lots of options!

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answers from Dover on

I would go with SS themed accessories and coordinate w/ matching colors (less expensive than using all themed napkins, plates, cups, etc.). I would have a few coloring sheets for any kids that may come and have those with crayons as an initial gathering activity (for when people arrive but the "party" hasn't really gotten started/waiting for others). I would serve any foods that you plan on having, followed by an activity or craft for the kids, then cake and ice-cream. After that, you can open gifts (or you can do that after the party so there's no pressure on the kids). Another option is to let the little one open one or two that you know she will love, then allow her to play with those while your older one opens hers.

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