What's the Best Bike Trailer?

Updated on April 30, 2007
C.B. asks from Sunbury, OH
5 answers

I really want t get a bike trailer, but don't know what to choose. I can't afford $450 that I've found the "top of the line" to be. Any suggestions on a more affordable one would be helpful.

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answers from Columbus on

I got one at Meijer a few years ago. It is very nice, with rain sheild that can be rolled up or put down, lots of ventaliation, and even thought it says room for three and had three harnesses, I pull my one child, 3 and he loves it. If I fall, it has a mechanism that the trailer hitch will simply swivel and I fall and he stays up right. Simple attachment, simple storage, simple fold down, sturdy and has a orange flag attached. I don't remember the name, but I bought it for under $100. Oh, there is even room for storage behind the seat and a pocket for drinks for the kids inside. My son takes his blankey, sometimes his favorite toys. Very reflective and had big wheels. Check around, you will find a light weight one (mine is like 5lbs or something), versitile, safe, and not spending the huge amounts of money.
Good luck and happy biking!



answers from Columbus on

I just recently bought one from Target for $75.00.
I called around to Dick's sporting goods, Walmart, etc. and talked to the sales associates about them. We bike maybe a dozen times in the summer so I didn't want to spend a lot of money, for me Target had the best deal. I read a lot of reviews on line too, that's helpful.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi C. B I would go to the Growing Years in Stow Plaza on Darrow Road they have gently used baby products and might have what you are looking for at a way more affordable price I would also try the Orchard in Hudson in Acme plaza they may have what you are looking for too.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi C.!

I haven't looked into trailers lately, but I bought one when my son was little from Target about 10 years ago. My best advice to you is make sure it is the lighest one you can find. I would just ride it around the development and even the slighest incline would be almost impossible. Needless to say, it didn't get very much use for the $$ that was spent. I'd say I maybe spent about $150. on it. I know it couldn't have been too much more than that since I was a single Mom and couldn't afford much more than that. Good Luck!



answers from Dayton on

Most of my friends that have had them have bought really nice ones and found they didn't like them because it was so hard to ride. They have always sold them in garage sales for next to nothing. If I were looking I would start checking garage sales first. Buy one and see if I like it first.

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