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Seeking Great Architect And/or Builder for Addition and New Deck

My best friends husband is a contracter. What area are you in? If you will email me, I can give you his info. does fantastic work and I would ...

How Do I Handle a Touchy Situation with My Best Friend Regarding Her Son?

Read all 58 responses: "My best friend has an 8 year old son (who I will call "J ") who has repeatedly been mean to my 5 year old son, compulsively lies, ...

Looking Girlfriend Getaway Ideas

My best friend and I went to Sedona last year right around this time. It was beautiful! We stayed at the Hilton Resort and also had a "spa day". ...

Milk Allergy in Milk Based Formula

My nephew and my best friends son both have this allergy. My nephew is severley allergic, but my friends son is only moderatly allergic and will probably ...

Disagree About Mom in Delivery Room

My best friend wanted me in the delivery room for her 1st child & her husband said no. He thought it might hurt his mom's feelings (who was in town) that ...

Joovy Caboose "Sit 'N' Stand" vs Kolcraft Contours Double Stroller

I've used my best friend's Joovy Caboose a couple times with my twins to test it out - since one always seems to want to walk and the other ride for part of ...

Looking for Good Running/walking Tennis Shoes

My Pumas are my best friends! I run all the time and these are the only shoes that DONT BLISTER!! WAHOOOO!!! The inner lining is almost silky; ...

Geo-thermal Systems

My husband's best friend has a heating/cooling company so we got our Geo Thermal for alot ... I am thankful for best friends and America! 6 minutes ago ...


My best friends third daughter probably had torticollis (not diagnosed). She would always go to sleep with her head to one side and looking up. ...
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