What Is Your Workout Today?

Updated on January 26, 2011
S.G. asks from Fort Eustis, VA
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I'm just looking for a little inspiration...heading off to the gym on my lunch break. It's a "weights day" and I am looking for about 25-35 minutes worth of weight training. What are you all doing for exercise today? Any ideas on what I could do to mix up my routine? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

I did a good solid 30 minutes of weights--chest press, triceps, biceps, shoulders, rows. Then I did 10 minutes of elliptical, alternating between 110-120 rotations and 150-160 rotations per minute. I have decided to quit torturing myself with crunches--the workout time will be better spent on overall strength training. I usually do some push-up/sit-ups during "The Biggest Loser" anyway--that show is truly inspiring!

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answers from Chicago on

3 miles on the treadmill and 30 to 60 minutes on the stationary bike while watching Biggest Loser! LOL!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I run two miles 2-3 times a week and do anywhere from 10-30 minutes of weights 3 times a week. I try to get in step aerobics a couple of times a week or a walk. Circuit training is my favorite (mixing aerobics with weights). I've also started watching A&E's "Heavy" for inspiration. Those people work so hard that it makes me want to get off the couch.

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answers from Chicago on

Strike (kickboxing and boxing combined with weights)

You could do squats, lunges, clean and presses. Or you could add in quick minute bursts of high intensity drills between weight groups. EX: jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, etc.

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answers from Cumberland on

Lifting a wine glass-don't know why it is not working?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Today is a Karate workout day! I'm a Black Stripe working towards a Black Belt before I turn 51!

Tomorrow is a day that I take the dog for a 3 mile cross-country run in the snowy woods. Love it!

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answers from Houston on

rollerblading with my racing stroller around my neighborhood maybe 20 to 30 minutes.

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answers from Dallas on


Today I am on strict rest. I hurt my knee working out. Someplace during kick boxing and Zumba! They are terrific workouts (minus hurting your knee - LOL). I have seen women using weights during the workouts too

Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

It's a transition week for me - woo hoo, just finished an 8-week lifting program and will be starting my next 8-week one next week. Thus, this week is work but easy.

Lifting this week is m/w/f but today was a special treat: 20 minutes of biking, 20 minutes of elliptical, and 20 minutes of step aerobics.

It's nice to have a 'rest week' every so often. I'm energized and ready to start a new lifting/cardio program next week!


answers from Washington DC on

you guys are great inspiration!
i did my long (90 minute) workout yesterday, so today i'll just do 20 minutes or so on the step machine, then a half hour of weights.
the wii fit is fun but it frustrates me because it's kinda wimpy. i can see how one could make it into a decent workout, but all the time spent before and after each little exercise with the little 'pep talks' eat up time without benefit. there may be a way to just have all the exercise you want run through but i haven't figured it out yet, so it's gathering dust. it took me an hour and a half to get in 40 minutes of actually working out, and it only burned about 150 calories. i need more challenge than that.



answers from New York on

I ran 2 miles and did arms and back with free weights. A good way to spruce up your routine is to meet with a trainer. My gym offers 1 free sessions every month or so. Which is a great way to get new ideas. They used to try to sell me on buying more sessions, but I made it clear that wasn't happening and they've been good about it sense.



answers from Chicago on

I'm weight-training legs today!

I jog for 20 min then do about 30 min of weights with machines. I'm still pretty weak so I'm not ready for the free weights yet.

I do leg curls, lundges, and reverse crunches to stretch my hams and work out my back.

I don't know about you, but I have lots to work on and I'm looking forward to a sundress this summer :) Have a great workout!



answers from Lincoln on

I've been using my Wii Fit! Tons of fun and makes it easy to do an hour workout in the morning. Perfect for me.



answers from Spokane on

I'm hoping for 30 minutes on the treamill today. But with a sick 4 year old, a nursing 2 month old and one in between it may not be a SOLID 30 minutes! lol



answers from Des Moines on

I usually take the dog for a walk in the morning after dropping my daughter at school...that's a 2-mile walk...and yes, I'm in Iowa and it was about 13 out this morning! As long as it isn't windy...it's considered a nice day out! And I just got done doing some Denise Austin pregnancy cardio...pretty good workout today!!! Have fun!!!


answers from Chicago on

I'll be doing a HiiT routine this afternoon, likely a 30/30 split. It's a cardio day for me, and I'm loving the intensity and short duration (+effectiveness) of HiiT!
Tomorrow will be a total body weight day for me, so 50 minutes of tri-sets for each body part. Killer! (I workout at home with Cathe Friedrich, and occasionally TaeBo.)

I'm on a rotation right now of 2 days total body weights, 1 day circuit upper body training, and 2 days of cario.



answers from Chicago on

I use our ellipltical 3 x per week. I always feel great after using it. I have a spreadsheet of my workout days, calories burned, miles, and minutes on it. I find recording my workouts is very motivating for me. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Played tennis for an hour this morning. Felt really good!


answers from Salt Lake City on

weighted hula hoop: 30 min
treadmill: 30 min
pushups (as many as I can do, 30 is my limit right now)
calve-lifts (90 of em)
yoga 20 minutes



answers from Phoenix on

I usually do Yoga on T/TH's, but I have a terrible sinus infection and cold and KNOW that my head which already feels like a ton of bricks will burst or something worse....so I'm walking the dog instead.

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