What Do You Do for a Sore Throat?

Updated on July 12, 2012
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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We came home from a family reunion in Atlanta on Sunday and I had a sore throat. It has only gotten worse. I came home from work around 230 on Monday because I could not get warm - which is very odd for me. Normally it takes a lot for me to be cold. I took my temperature and it was 103.7. I took a cool bath and meds and got it down. My throat was sore then, but nothing more than a cold type of a sore throat.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning because I couldn't get my fever below 100 even with meds. They said my throat was red and my glands were swollen so they tested for strep. The rapid test was negative and the culture won't come back until tomorrow at the earliest.

This sore throat is very similar to what I had in September, which was strep. It started the same way, with high fevers and nausea/vomitting, couldn't get warm, dizzy, muscle aches, etc. This time I didn't actually vomit, but I felt very close to it and my whole body has been aching.

I haven't been able to eat because it hurts so bad to swallow that eating anything is pure misery. I have gotten enough in each day to keep me running, but barely. And I'm missing my fruits and veggies which hurt too bad. I'm on soups and ice cream - neither of which are on my list of things I prefer to eat.

So until the culture comes back, do you all know of anything else I can do? I'm drinking hot tea and ice water, taking Tylenol and Motrin (to control my fever), and using throat lozanges (sorry if I misspelled that).

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So What Happened?

Thanks mamas! I did not get a chance to get back on yesterday to see the responses, but I will try the salt water thing in a few.

My results came back today positive for strep - which I knew once I couldnt sleep last night because the pain was so bad.

I also went to Urgent Care this morning because my doctor had no open spots and got some antibiotics...hopefully this is out of here soon!

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answers from Tampa on

It sounds crazy, but if you can stomach it, cut a marshmallow in half and chew on it and swallow. They really do sooth a sore throat. They work really well with kids. I give my kids 4 or 5 when they have a sore throat. They always feel better. Only time it would be a bad idea is if you were diabetic. I hope that you feel better soon!

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answers from Charlotte on

I know this sounds nasty, but gargle with vinegar cut with a little water. Apple vinegar is best, but white vinegar is okay too. A sore throat changes the pH in your throat to more acidic. The vinager puts it back to basic. (A chemistry thing.)

Hope that test hurries up - btw, could it be tonsillitis?

Get to feeling better!

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answers from Richmond on

gargle warm salt water and feel better!! also, a teaspoon of honey if all else fails, but gargling warm salt water is best!



answers from Omaha on

My go-to remedies are hot tea, gargling hot saltwater, and sucking on cinnamon candies. I cannot stand the taste of cough drops, except for Luden's cherry cough drops-they taste like lifesavers. I like the cinnamon candies best because they taste good and the spicy cinnamon feels good on my irritated throat. Keeps my throat moist too. I hope you feel better soon!



answers from Houston on

Gargle with salt and water. Works for me every time.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I gargle with about 10 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in a small glass of water. I take colloidal silver 4x daily. And sleep. Fever is actually good for you. It is how your body burns off the infection. I wouldn't try to get rid of it because it will hamper your body's natural immune system from working. Of course, if you are absolutely miserable and can't sleep, you might try to relieve it at night. Sorry you came back positive for strep.



answers from Orlando on

There is a tea from Traditional Medicinals called Organic Throat Coat, that I like a lot, and it's the only thing that will soothe my sore throats, I will have a few cups throughout the day, and at night I will use Cepacol spray. Both of these you should be able to find at your local grocer. I hope you feel better soon!
PS. the salt water works too :)


answers from Milwaukee on

Well according to Pinterest today marshmallows were invented for sore throats. Ha who knows...



answers from New York on

theraflu and tons of halls cough drops.. .. if its a really really bad sore throat and the halls arent doing it ill use that spray stuff, chloroseptic i think its called.. it tastes horrible but it wworks



answers from Washington DC on

Try gargling with hot salt water (dissolve 1t salt in about 8oz warm water). An old fashioned remedy but it really works. Do this a couple of times a day until you feel better. Hope you get better soon!



answers from San Antonio on

I'm recovering from this very thing...no vomiting, but body aches and terrible sore throat. I got a z pack at the Dr 2 days ago so that is helping. As a child, my mom always put Vicks vapor rub on a washcloth (folded into the shape of a triangle. Put side with generous dollup of vapor rub against throat and bobby pin together like a scarf. Wear overnight. Never failed.). Hope you get well soon!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I gargle with very warm salt water, as hot as I can stand it. Honey with lemon juice mixed in also works (for coughs, too).

Feel better soon!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I haven't tried it myself yet--but have been told that 1/2 honey and 1/2 cider vinegar is a miracle cure for a sore throat.


answers from Los Angeles on

Gargling with warm salt water is the only thing that I got?

~Being sick sucks but being sick in the summer double sucks! Hope you feel better soon!

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