What Did I Do to My Ankle?

Updated on December 10, 2011
B.P. asks from Bedminster, NJ
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Hi Moms,

Three days ago my foot slipped out of my shoe and I stepped on the side of it turning my foot. It felt a little wierd and now still after 3 days it hurts to walk. It is only on the one leg and it's on my inner calf close to my ankle. Did I sprain it? When will it go back to normal and what can I do. It's bothersome, not excrusiating pain but I definetly feel it and don't like it one bit! Thanks for your help with this unsexy question.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the advice!! I did rest it like you all said and by the 4th day I finally was able to walk with no pain. You ladies (and gentlemen) are very smart.

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answers from Portland on

I've done this more than once and been to the doctor. It's a strain or a sprain and there is nothing that can be done except to stay off of it as much as possible.

If putting on an ace bandage to stabilize the ankle is helpful, you can do that.

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answers from Roanoke on

Ouch! I've been there many times (gotta love sports injuries). It's probably a sprain. Ice it 20 min on/off, take some ibuprofen, and wrap an ace bandage on it. Stay off of it as much as possible, and you'll be back to normal soon. If it doesn't feel better in a week, I'd go to the doctor.

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answers from Seattle on

strain. sprain. pulled muscle. pulled or torn ligament or tendon. soft tissue damage. stress fracture. fracture.

I've done all of the above many, many, many times. Unless you're familiar enough with what certain injuries feel like, there's no way to know.


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answers from Austin on

there's a ligament (achiles) that attaches your foot to your ankle to your calf. sounds like that might it.

maybe didn't sprain it but pulled a ligament. ICE and keep it elevated.

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answers from Houston on

eeeek yeah its a mild sprain, nothing you can really do but wait ......when i sprained mine it was pretty severe and it is still weak 6 months later, yoga helps.

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answers from Boston on

That happened to me when I was wearing heels. I heard my foot pop but kept walking with a limp thinking I "only sprained" it. I limped around for 3 weeks before I went to the Doctor in which he proceeded to tell me I was crazy because I was walking on a fractured foot. I had to wear a special shoe for almost a year because I damaged the bone. :-( Go to the doctor soon.

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answers from New York on

If it is still bothering you after a week it is a good idea to get it looked at. I've sprained my ankle many times but only went to the doctor for the bad ones (2 of about 6 times). The one very bad one I was off my feet for weeks. Minor ones you can usually wrap in an ace bandage or get brace from the drug store (to stabilize it so you don't twist it again before it heals--you can hurt yourself worse re-injuring yourself). Rest and ice help too.

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answers from Medford on

You probably sprained it. Is it swelling up? Is it showing any bruising? I did the same thing last December. I stepped half off the edge of my sidewalk and rolled my ankle to the inside. It pulled the muscles and tendons farther than they are meant to go and it hurts! My ankle and foot swelled a lot, and bruised something terrible. I could barely walk on it, but I did. I kept it up as often as I could and kept ice on it for the first few days. I wish I had gone to a Dr about it but it was 3 days before Christmas and we had company and dinner to do and things going on, so I didnt. It still bothers me nearly a year later. I cant cross my ankles without pain, and cant stand on tip toes on that foot, and it seems to twist and hurt easier than before so it keeps re-injuring it. I wonder if it was broken and I should have had more done to make it heal properly. I worry that in my later years it will be the foot that doesnt hold me up and work right and I may have caused a crippling problem when I could have avoided it if Id gone to the Dr sooner. So if you can, see your Dr. If you cant or dont want to, at least ice it and keep it elevated when possible. Take ibruprofen if you can to help with inflamation that causes swelling. Hope it heals better than mine did. Want to see pictures of mine? I will send them if you private message me your email address.. Yes I take pictures of fat feet ,,lol



answers from New York on

You should have it checked by a doctor. May not be serious, but if there are any breaks, fractures, torn ligaments, etc, they might not heal properly unless your ankle is wrapped or have a cast. If not healed properly, you may have more pain later, & the doctor may have to re-break & re-set to fix the problem.
Better to check now, than to have more problems later.


answers from St. Louis on

Did you hear a pop? I sprained my ankle, you hear a pop. You may have strained it or pulled a muscle. All of the above they tell you to walk it off or lose mobility. Easier said than done......



answers from Charlotte on


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