Rolled My Ankle- What Type of Doctor?

Updated on January 23, 2013
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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I rolled my ankle over two months ago. Even with an ace bandage, ice, and tylenol, it's still swollen daily even while I try treating it myself. I didn't break it. I am certain. The pain is constant, but minimal, but it also seems to be getting worse. So obviously, I have done SOMETHING to it. What kind of doctor do you see for this? My husband suggested a sports medicine doctor he has seen in the past, but I did this walking and I am not an athlete. ;) So what kind of doc should I see?

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So What Happened?

ETA - no tingling or loss of feeling at all. I thought I simply sprained it which is why I didn't go in earlier.

Thanks so much ladies. I appreciate the advice! I have an appointment with a orthopedic doctor who specializes in sports medicine on Monday. I probably should have had this looked at earlier, but since it was more an annoyance than pain, I really thought it was something minor that would heal on it's own.

Went to the doc today. I was diagnosed with a sprained foot and sprained ankle. And possibly a cracked bone in my foot. (He wasn't sure if it was a small crack or a weird shadow on the xray). I am in a boot for at least a month, which will be followed by physical therapy.

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answers from Dallas on

See an orthopedist, and in the meantime, get off the tylenol, try ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation.

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answers from Charleston on

Orthopedist. You'll probably need x-rays to determine the true problem, then physical therapy to fix it.

I hurt my shoulder falling over my son's bike, and strained muscles and tendons and it hurt to move it for months. I couldn't lift it higher than my shoulder. It took a good 6 months to feel normal again even with physical therapy. Good luck and hope it's something minor.

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answers from Springfield on

Most doctors are not certain an injury did not result in a break without an x-ray. Call your primary care physician today! You probably need to see an orthopedist, but you might need a referral to do so.

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answers from Chicago on

Sports Medicine is a good suggestion, it is not limited to athlete's injuries; they specialize in the types of injuries athletes get, such as a rolled ankle.

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answers from Columbia on

Make an appointment with your family doctor. Start with the basics.

How do you know you didn't break it? Or tear a ligament? Unless you have x-ray vision, you can't possibly know for certain. You'll need an x-ray for starters, and an MRI if there's no break. Your family doctor can order these and refer you to a specialist based upon what is found.

I wouldn't go to a specialist first. Specialty care costs more. Use your GP to get you a diagnosis, and THEN see a specialist.

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answers from Washington DC on

swelling over 72 hours should have been seen by a doctor. if you have tingling in your toes or loss of feeling - doesn't matter what type of doctor you see - you need to be in the ER....

If just swelling and pain - an orthopedist can help you. You might have done more damage waiting sooo long. However, many orthopedics have long waiting lists...go to the ER and get a referral or your PCP and have them make the appointment for you.

Good luck!!

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answers from New York on

I'm going to suggest you stay out of the er as suggested below. ER is for something serious and sudden or life threatening. Add in the fact that it's flu season and the waiting room is full of germ infested people who will be trying to get you sick. Yuck.

Call your primary doctor and see what they want you to do. They might just order a x ray over the phone and send you to an orthopedist. You may have fractured a bone which is not healing but you won't know without a x ray. Some orthopedists do have long waits however I've always found that they can get you in faster if your primary dr's office calls on your behalf.

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answers from Dallas on

I am late chiming in here but you are right to go to an Orthopedic Sports Dr.

You don't have to be in sports to go and they are great for things like this.

They'll probably have you wear a boot for a week or so to minimize movement and then some physical therapy to help strengthen back to shape.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I did that on my honey moon.. I went to the foot doc, who sent me for physical therapy. That included, excercises to strengthen the muscles so it would not happen agian and ultrasound with the electric.. after about 6 weeks my ankle was better, It had been hurting for almost 6 months.

You could tell your GP that you need something more and see what they suggest.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I would recommend a podiatrist.

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answers from Norfolk on

When I sprained my ankle I went to a podiatrist.
But a sports medicine Dr might be good for that too.
It could be ligaments and/or tendon damage or maybe you chipped/cracked a bone.
An ace bandage is probably not supporting it enough.
Get something stiffer - an ankle brace would be better.
Try to keep it elevated as much as you can.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You want to see an orthopedic doc.
They might suggest an MRI to check for stress fracture, tear, etc.
If its a bad sprain, it can take a looooong time to heal. Better if you can stay off of it (right--like a mom can just stay off of it for a few weeks, right?)
Ice at the end of the day, ibuprofen for inflammation, not Tylenol.

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answers from Victoria on

I sprained my ankle several times in my life. Last time I walked on it for two weeks. My consirned church ladies told me I had to get it looked at. then had it xrayed at a walk in clinic. It was BROKEN like really clean in half from the bone, not just a hairline fracture broken- stick broken!!! ...and it was the larger of the leg bone near my ankle. I had no idea! Then I got big headed because I realized I can take some kind of pain. Then horrified because I realized when I stood back up that wasnt my bone poping into place...that was broken bone rubbing on broken bone. Hope yours isnt the same results as I had. Orthopedic doctor is where I ended up at.

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