What Delays Can I Expect from a Child That Has Down's?

Updated on March 10, 2007
A.O. asks from North Canton, OH
10 answers

My youngest daughter who is 9 months old has down syndrome. I guess I just want to know what kind of delays to expect from her and if there is anything I can do to help her. At this point she is behind as far as sitting up on her own, she's not crawling, or pulling herself up. I think alot of this has to do with her low muscle tone. I want to get an idea of what to expect from her mentally and if there is anything i can do to help her though the years.

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answers from Columbus on


If you are in the Columbus area, I have had great success with MR/DD Early Intervention. I had a foster child with CP and they came out to my house and evaluated her at 6 months of age. She qualified for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech. They came to my home on my schedule and worked with her until she was old enough to go into a center-based classroom where she got the services weekly. They were very good at explaining what they were doing and why they were doing it. They gave me things to do with her between visits also. I think they could be a good asset for you.


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answers from Dayton on

My name is S. and I have a son with some special needs, so I have been plugged into many local services with him that Down's children also take advantage of.

If you haven't contacted HELP ME GROW/BRIGHTER FUTURES already, you should get plugged into their agency right away.

Their contact info:
Tel: 1-800-755-GROW(4769)
website: www.ohiohelpmegrow.org

You will be blown away at the number of resources available to you. They will be able to answer all of your questions and then some.

Ask them about the PACE (Parent and Child Enrichment) program. It is an early intervention program for children two years of age. It is absolutely wonderful and we found it extremely beneficial to our sons development.

They are a wealth of information. I hope this helps.



answers from Cleveland on

Call the Achievment Center in medina if you havnt already. They are wonderful and have lots of programs that can help :)



answers from Columbus on

Please don't think you are alone. I would take advice from the other moms and talk to agencies with professionals...the world is a big place. You have been given a wonderful child with special needs. You deserve to know what they are and you can get help.
Best of luck!



answers from Dayton on

A great website for just this type of information... and a lot more is www.specialchild.com The page on downs syndrome is www.specialchild.com/archives/dz-007.html but I suggest going to the main site as well. It's a wonderful site for any special needs parent. I go to it often due to my own special needs child. I hope this helps!



answers from Youngstown on

First of all, let me say congradulations on your beautiful baby girl! I, too, am a stay at home mom of a 9 month old little girl with Down syndrom (neat, Huh?)

Please, please, please, if you are in the Mahining county/youngstown area, contact Maria at Help Me Grow, ###-###-####. She is the parent support group coordinator & a wonderful person. My daughter, Jada, has monthly visits at our home with her case manager. I contacted HMG for 2 reasons, this is my 1st child & we got the diagnosis prenatally.

There are also great books that you can read - exersize books - to help with gross & fine motor skills. Books on language & learning. I received all mine through the organizations I contacted: HMG, The Upside Of Downs & The Magee's Womans Hospital in Pittsburgh where we went for our genatic counciling.
But, if you don't feel all "groupy", the website for the books is - www.woodbinehouse.com. They have a free catalog of their special needs collection. The books I have are: Topics in Down Syndrom: Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrom, A Guide for Parents & Professionals. Also, ...Fine Motor Skills...Both by Patricia C. Winders,PT..Eveything is explained in writing & with pictures & they give tips & alternative movements. Loveit, loveit, loveit!

Jada, in part to our exersize & part to the graces of the Gods, she has not shown any delays, physically or mentally, & in some areas, exceeds her age.

My best advice as a mom, do not compair her skills to the time line of your other children. Let her be who she is & everyday something spetacular will happen!

I'm very excited to have read your post & feel free to contact me personally - [email protected]____.com ~peace ~ M.



answers from Columbus on

Hello. A great place for information is www.dsaco.net. I am a member, as well as a mother of 4 year daughter with Down syndrome. Your daughter will be able to do everything is her own time. That is the biggest (and often hardest) lesson we have learned from Ellie. She is eligible for therapy and should be receiving physical, occupational and speech therapies. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I know it can be overwhelming having a child with different needs. You can use my email [email protected]____.com I would love to hear from you. The library has great books (and some not great).
Where do you live? Your county mr/dd will be able to offer suggestions too. take care and contact me.....Z.



answers from Toledo on

Hi A.,

Each child is different even if they have Down's Syndrome. The delays can be mild to severe depending on each child.

I would suggest you contact your local Health Department and ask for the Help Me Grow Program. Your daughter may be eligible for the Early Intervention Program with is part of Help Me Grow.

They would be able to guide you toward services she may be eligible for which may help her with her delays, and give you direction in who to contact for further support. Most of this is free if she qualifies although some services may have a fee.

Each county is different in what they offer, but they can be very helpful with information also.

If you need numbers contact me directly, I might be able to get them for you next week.

Good Luck,

K. :)



answers from Cleveland on

There is a great support group called the Ups of Downs. It is a group for families with children that have downs and you shoud be able to find answers to your questions. Help me Grow program is another great resource. Good Luck



answers from Cleveland on

Not all children whom have down syndrome have a lot of problems.... My children have other problems (no they do not have down syndrome), however I think they aren't special needs they just have greater gifts and better hearts!!!!!
Bact to the point... My youngest whom has ended up being my sickest (always sick & we have no clue as to why)... She could not sit up on her own, barely got around and said/made little noises unitl she hit 9 mos.....
Talk to your doctor, and work w/ your child to try and help build their muscle tone... It takes work w/ any child, and they all learn and move at their own pace!!!!

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