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Are Exersaucers and Jumpers Bad for My Baby's Development?

I was put in a walker when I was little-most of us were-and it didn't seem to do any major damage but I think we know a lot more about child development 30 ...

"Good Preschools in Chula Vista or Eastlake"

My son attended Southwestern college Child Development Center. The Center is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and emergent curriculum. ...

When Should a Child Be Taken off a Bottle?

It can be hard to wean an older child who is attached to the bottle, but you may be able to start introducing sippy ... Child Development · bottle feeding ...

How Much Responsibility Should a Daycare Take for a Child Who Bites?

Try to keep in mind that biting is a natural stage in development. This is hard to do when your child is on the receiving end. ...

Child Cries on Days He Has Daycare After School

I am a daycare provider myself, and I would never yell at a child. .... minimum of 18 credit hours in child development courses - if it is a center and not ...

Seeking Advice About Child Involvement in Activities at Young Age

There are also Mom & child classes that, for toddlers, are appropriate for their level of development. Often, places will let you try an "introductory" ...

Seeking Child Care for Th and F for My 6 Month Old

I think smaller settings help in the development of young minds. I only plan on having three ... I have been thinking about taking a child in to babysit. ...

Getting a Child to Focus

The motion never stops, Sue Thornton, program coordinator for the child-care and development program at North Harris College, says, even on weekends. ...

Need Help with Clingy and Whiny Child

Is your child fully walking? If not she will be soon. This is the edge of a huge development, either before or after a development. I am guessing fully ...

Concerned About My Daughter's Development

My 3 year old is a very healthy and active child but I been concerned about her mental development. She doesn't communicate well and her words are very ...
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