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Updated on August 16, 2011
S.S. asks from Golconda, IL
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Hello ladies. I need to some help. I have been on weight watchers for a while. I loose the same twenty pounds over and over then gain it right back. Is anyone out there who has actually lost weight and kept it off willing to share a couple weeks worth of tracker'ed meals with me. I don't want anyone to send me a note saying you can buy cookbooks. I have bought the cookbooks. I have the website. I have ADD so bad I can't keep my mind straight on anything sigh....... I just need a page I can follow and know it is already been figured out to the point that I can follow. I don't want a list that says pick one of these and one of those and one of this hear. I wan't something that says ex: eat half cup of this and one of those and a glass of this ....... I know lazy much right? I just hate that I spend so much on weight watchers and can't keep my head on straight enough to follow through with it. You can eat what you want as long as you count points but I can't seem to get from the counting to eating without getting so frustrated. my girlfriend lost 100 lbs and can't understand why its not working for me. but her hubby did all the cooking for her. I on the other hand cook for not just me but a family along with working full time. does anyone know of a website that I could print off menues? weekly food plans etc? without misc choices. I am not doing so good with choices.........

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answers from Chicago on

Check out www.sparkpeople.com. It's free to join.

Put in your measurements, put in your weight goal, put in your timeframe, and voila, it has things figured out for you. It does menus (3 meals a day plus snacks) for the calories you can consume. It also takes into account how much you are planning to exercise.

The person who created the web site did so after he sold a company to e-bay. He wants people to achieve their goals. You can have your own little web site to post blogs and pictures, I haven't really done that. But I've checked out other people for inspiration.

The main key for me was tracking my foods and exercise. I did not do the menus provided, but created a basic list of things I would eat. Entered that into my favorites in the food for SparkPeople, then I could click it for what I ate that day.

Their are articles you can read that I found helpful. There are groups you can join (I'm guessing there may be a "People with ADD looking to lose weight" group). There recipes. You can put in your own recipe and calculate the calories.

This is a full blown, real deal, we care about you and you reaching your weight goal place. It's no gimmicks.

For me, it wasn't just about the weight loss. It was about changing the way I eat and exercise for the rest of my life, and I did it one step/change at a time. I've held my weight off for 18 months now, and feel the best I ever have.

Good luck, you can do it.

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answers from Washington DC on

just because you have ADD doesn't mean you are lazy...

You need to keep a log book - find something that makes it fit for you and your lifestyle....I don't do weight watchers - sorry - so I don't know much about it but what i see and hear from friends...they love it...

I would go into the WW 'store' near you and ask for help...i think on-line help is also available to you within WW....I am sorry I can't offer you more help than that!


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answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

I just started ww about 1 month ago. I found a great site, skinnytaste.com. I've tried several of her recipes and they are quite good. She has ww points listed for everything, old points system and the points plus, and tons of recipes.

Hope this helps.

Take care.

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answers from Phoenix on

I agree to go in the WW meetings because they give out a pamplet each week and it has two reciepes on what to cook, easy to follow with the point value on it for the portion. I too have been there to loose the same weight over and over. I am in it for the long hall now.... trying to get to goal and staying there. It is taking a long time for me. So I understand where your coming from. I don't like to cook though LOL so I pretty much follow a rule of thumb to eat 1/2 the meal at a restaurant or home and I know it is less then the points listed in the books.

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answers from Houston on

Check out emealz.com. It's pretty cool. They give you all these choice of different types of menus from different stores. I chose the low-fat menu from walmart for a family of 4-6. They give you recipes for 7 days dinners and a grocery list. The budget is from $75-85 per week. I like it bc someone else is doing the thinking for me and the meals are easy and for the most part really good. All you have to do is figure the points once and jot it down on your print out and then every time you make that recipe you'll know the points. Also, do you do WW online or in a group? Sometimes the group dynamic really helps. I am going to try again after this baby. I did it many years ago, got off about 40lbs and kept it off until I had kids, so stick with it. Good luck!!

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answers from Chicago on

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answers from Chicago on

Eat the frozen meals. They are ready to go with exact counts. Supplement with fresh veggies. If I remember correctly salad with salsa as dressing is free.

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