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Updated on December 16, 2009
K.S. asks from Royal Oak, MI
7 answers

We have a new goldendoodle puppy coming for Christmas. Does anyone know of a good vet in the Royal Oak area? How do you know if they are any good?

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answers from Detroit on

There are two places that took really good care of our yellow lab...

One is on Main Street...its the Emergency Vet center and they were really good. My dog got a burr in his eye and they were able to remove it super quick!

The other is Berkley Animal Clinic...we have been going to to this vet for years b/c they seem to be cheaper than other vets.

Good Luck!



answers from Detroit on

I don't know a vet in Royal Oak, but you'll know a good vet when you go to one. They will really go over your puppy...heart, mouth, back end...everything. They will talk to you about food (though they always recommend Pro Plan or something, which isn't good), they will go over problems with the breed and give you tips on training or behavior issues as you go along. They will talk about neutering at 6 months but you can wait longer and spaying a female too young can cause incontinent problems later.

In short, they will have good information for you and they won't rush your visit to get on with the next person.

Good luck with your new bundle!



answers from Detroit on

Dr. Mast at North Main Animal Hospital in Royal Oak is the BEST! Kind, patient, and extremely detail oriented. Prices are reasonable and he is phenomenal. They are on Main Street, just south of 12 mile.

best of luck,




answers from Detroit on

We live in Rochester Hills. We go to the Rochester Vet right on Crooks Road, just north of M-59. Our dog has gone there for 16 years. They have taken very good care of him.



answers from Detroit on

Hi K.,

Dr. Lorrie DiBenedetto is in Troy (not too far from R.O.) and she is outstanding, excellent general vet, excellent surgeon. Very kind and caring. She's a mom too, has 3 children. I've know her for 20 years. Office contact info below. Good luck with your new pup! Pam

Dibenedetto Lorrie A DVM
Address: 2981 Iowa Dr, Troy, MI 48083



answers from Detroit on

I take my two dogs to the Madison Vet. Hospital/Office (not sure of the exact title. They are right next to Royal Oak in Madison Heights. They are located on 12 mile, just east of John R. They've always done a great job, are open for appointments on Saturday and have always been able to get us in right away if we have an emergency. The address is 240 E. 12 Mile Road, Madison Heights, MI
The number is ###-###-####



answers from Detroit on

VCA Animal Hospital of Royal Oak ###-###-####

We have been seeing them for years for our cat and now our recently adopted dog.

Never had an issue with them and they have always treated us well.

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