UTI Two Weeks Ago, Took Macrobid, and Period Is So Far 7 Days Late>

Updated on September 19, 2010
J.A. asks from La Crescenta, CA
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I've taken at least 8 pregnancy tests and they are all negative. Has this happened to anyone before? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

I just got my period 9 days late. Thanks for all your responses, ladies.

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answers from Phoenix on

relax and wait. I got UTI's all the time and took Macrobid for infections and my periods would always be late (they were usually unpredictable *anyway* not necessarily because of the UTI/Macrobid tho).

8 tests in 7 days tells me you're stressing! So, relax, wait until Day 10 or even Day 15 then test again if you still haven't gotten your period. Chances are you'll get it (if you haven't already)



answers from San Francisco on

Yes, this happened to me years ago.
Sometimes the anticipation of becoming pregnant can put your period
off later than expected. I remember once, i was 22 days late for mine,
this is when i was taking multiple pregnancy tests, I think i did 15 in 2 weeks.
Don't worry, i know easier said than done. Good Luck, let us all know how
you made out honey.

REMEMBER, talk to your doctor if all else fails.



answers from Dallas on

If you were using the Birth Control pill so that you would not get pregnant, nitrofurantoin (Macrobid or Macrodantin) will interfere with the affectiveness of the pill. Wait a few more days and then take another pregnancy test. I do not know if you have ever been pregnant before. But I have a very good friend that never has a positive pregnacy test. She has been pregnant 3 times and never had a postive home test. The only positive test was the blood test.



answers from Columbus on

Yes! I've never taken Macrobid, but last month I was on a powerful antibiotic for a staph infection and it seriously messed up my period. I was over a week late and only bled for two days. I was freaking out! My suggestion would be to wait it out. If you're late and preg tests are coming back negative then it's probably just the meds.



answers from Topeka on

Oh you maybe prego...This happened with my last I was seen in June of 08 for my annual had what I tought was a yeast infection but UTI & ? well another type of infection (had it on the tip of my tongue but daugter asked a ? & now can't remember)anyway they took a pregnancy test in office since I wasn't on BC & haven't had my period yet it was still 2 weeks away they needed to know so for I can get on Macrobid to cure infection.Come to find out my period time came & gone I called a few 2 weeks later the nurse wanted me to wait well I know my cycles I took tests before calling and still negative needed a blood or their test it's more sensitive than the OTC so I went in & sure enough I was prego.I caled my OB to let them know & the medications I was on @ the time the nurse assured me that it was OK to be on Macrobid @ that time but anything further will be discussed & prescribed as needed.Come to find out after my cultures I did have a yeast infection & they didn't stop there they continued all 9 months had to get treatment all pregnancy.You may need to test in another 3-4 days if no period if positive get a blood test & call your OB...

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