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Updated on October 05, 2010
L.H. asks from North Platte, NE
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Well I started keeping track of my periods lately, as I was wanting to try for another baby. So I know when my last period was and it was the 6 of august. Nothing last month and so far nothing this month, but have taken three of the cheep pg test from the store, all came out negitive. A little dissapointing yet confusing too. My guess is after I ask this I will get it.. and be disapointed all over again.. grr. anyways. Is there any other reason it might not start, should I try a better pg test.. I mean I think I am having symptions but then I thought that before too. It may be more hope and wishing that makes me take every little thing as some sign in hopes its real. Who knows.. But anyways. Just wondering If I am just hoping to much or is is possible the test could be wrong. I took one about a week after the supposed period to be, one the next week, and the 1st of this month. All came out neg. Thanks all. :)

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answers from Grand Junction on

I had a friend who knew she was pregnant, but the tests kept being negative. Her body wasn't producing enough progesterone... She had a blood test at 8 weeks.. that was positive.. Good luck and best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

When my oldest son was about a year and a half old I missed 3 periods but was not pregnant. I was seen by a doctor who determined that it was probably due to stress. (I think so, as we had just put him in day care, and I tend to keep all of my stress inside unless I find a way to let it out, like exercise.) After I started to de-stress my period returned.

Probably best to schedule an appt with your OB/Gyn.

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answers from Denver on

It is very easy to get a false negative and it is very easy to miss a period and not be pregnant. If you are continually getting a false neg. then wait a week or two and do one more. All of the tests are pretty close to the same so I wouldn't worry about what you spent, it may just make a difference on how you administer the test. If you are still getting a negative but no period then then you may have something else going on. Even something as simple as stress and cause you to miss periods. Regardless I would see your OB if you continue to miss periods and have a negative test result.

Good luck!


answers from Philadelphia on

I'd recommend going to the doctor to get a pregnancy test. The store tests can be accurate, but since you've missed about 2 periods in a row, I'd say get a more accurate test through your doctor (either through blood or urine). If your periods are kind of unreliable and you're used to uneven cycles, it could be possible that you aren't pregnant. Also, the closer you use a home pregnancy test to the date of your missed period, the better the results will be. (I would use it the day of your missed period, even though the tests can be used 6 days sooner) But I would play it safe. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Stress can cause you to miss periods. You sound pretty stressed about getting pregnant. How about a long hot bubble bath with your honey. Start working on your wellness. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you need to be healthy and happy. If nothing happens in a week or so, schedule a routine checkup. You might need one anyway. They can do a prenancy test while you are there. Tell the dr you're trying to concieve and see what his advice is.


answers from Denver on

This might sound silly but double check the box/instructions. Equate brand (walmart) displays a negative - when you are prego bizarre...just a thought. Similar thing happened to me and I thought I was going crazy.



answers from Denver on

I'd save the money on more urine tests. Get a blood test done. I never did get a positive urine test with my daughter, yet I was very much pregnant. It is very possible for the test to be wrong. If it says pregnant, you know you are. If it says not pregnant, but you think you are, or could be, you could still be right. Anyway, good luck!



answers from Provo on

My mom got negative results with all her kids until she was about 5 months pregnant. It is possible to get those results. It just means there is not enough of the hormone they test for in your urine. If you don't get it soon, call your OB and get a blood test. You don't want this to be something else and not know about it if you are trying to get pregnant, and if you are you definitely want to know.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I was on The Pill for years before deciding to get pregnant, and when I stopped taking it, it took 5 months for my cycles to get regular again. My period would be a week late, 10 days late, etc. - I would take a home pregnancy test, it would be negative, and then I would end up getting my period a day or 2 later. My cycles were all over the place and it was so frustrating! This happened 3 or 4 times, and then finally they started be regular again off The Pill, and 3 months later I was pregnant.

I would just get a blood test done and know for's possible the home urine tests are defective.



answers from Denver on

This sounds very familiar to me. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child my body was telling me I was pregnant but the tests were not. I had taken 3 tests over a month and all were negative (all different brands and prices), it was not until I took the 4th test that it gave me a positive and I had been pregnant the whole time. My husband thought I was nuts but I knew the tests were wrong. If you feel that strongly and the tests don't agree you can always go see your doctor and have them do a test.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a friend who was three or four months pregnant before a test came back positive. Even the doctor told her she wasn't pregnant! She finally just got a dollar store test and it showed she was indeed pregnant.

I swear by dollar store tests. Since they're so cheap, I'd take one of them before going through the hassle of a dr. visit and blood test.

Good luck!

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