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Updated on July 15, 2010
A.A. asks from Overland Park, KS
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I'm looking for someone who has an educational background and would be interested in tutoring my 5 yro in reading @ 2-3x a week, i have been working with her at home but i feel we would get better results if she had someone outside the family work with her. if anyone knows anybody please pass on their information. thanks

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Did you check out the summer program at hoppy2learn.com? Its featuring a low price for Mamapedia moms and is great for prek-8th grade. It features reading, math, science and history. Its online, state standard learning aligned and all accessible online.

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PS: please see our mamapedia customer reviews too.



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Is your child having a particular difficulty with reading? do you need someone with special ed background? Is your child in Kindergarten and does his/her teacher recommend outside help? Usually the best way to increase reading is simply to read to your child. Little brains are amazing!



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My friend actually has an elementary ed degree and is a SAHM and tutors on the side. Her name is Cathy Holtorf and is located in Gardner KS. Her phone # is ###-###-####. Give her a call and she would be glad to help you out!



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I admire your wanting to help your daughter. You are her mom and have to decide what is best for her...but, I will give you my opinion. I think you would be wasting money by paying a tudor. Read to her a lot! Work on letter recognition and get some "sight word" books. Most kids do not start reading until they are in first grade. Just work with her a lot. Make it a fun time such as a field trip to a local shopping center to find all the words that start with "__ Letter" then stop at the book store to find a book with that letter in the title. Do not feel pressured to make her the smartest kid in her age bracket...she will learn at her own time! You sound like a great mom who is willing to do anything for her daughter.....but, if I were you I would save that money for other things. Good luck. C.



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Hi A.,

I would love to help you out! I am a stay at home mom with one daughter. Before she came along I was a special education teacher at the elementary level. I worked at Center Elementary here in Kansas City. Teaching reading was my favorite thing to do! I taught 1 year at the Middle School level and 2 years at the Elementary level. I plan on going back to teaching elementary school when my children are in school themselves. Where do you live? What times are you needing? I am still figuring out how much I will charge; I have been thinking of doing tutoring for quite awhile now.

Thank you!
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