Tutoring for a 2Nd Grader

Updated on July 08, 2010
I.C. asks from Mountain View, CA
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a friend of mine is looking for a tutoring program (close to Mountain View CA) in spelling and writing for her son who is in 2nd grade at Huff elementary school. Any recommendation?
Thanks a lot,

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi I.,
Valerie from Hoppy2Learn.com, check out our summer program, it covers reading, math science and history. The reading isn't just reading it also covers language arts, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and writing. Our program is currently Selling for $300 and runs for 5 weeks with unlimited use during the 5 weeks, is EZ to use and can be used on any computer with internet connection. All lessons are also state standards aligned.
Check out our site at www.Hoppy2Learn.com and see the summer program.



answers from San Francisco on

ask the child's teacher if she has any recommendations of tutor that she knows can help. Sometimes the teacher might know of colleagues or acquaintances in the school district that do tutoring outside of class.

At 2nd grade, spelling and writing (sentence structure) are really studying and drilling (practicing a lot). I am wondering if Kumon reading will help him?



answers from San Francisco on

Hi I. -

PLEASE tell your friend that her son DOES NOT NEED A TUTOR AT AGE 7!!!!

My daughter ALSO goes to Huff Elementary -- she is in first grade. If her son is having difficulties with spelling it is UP TO THE SCHOOL to provide accommodations AT THEIR COST.

Getting a tutor for a child of this age is a dangerous thing -- I work with teenagers in this same neighborhood who are so stressed out they can barely cope. It starts in elementary school with insanely high expectations of our children.

I don't care if you call it 'enrichment' or 'tutoring' or whatever -- it has long term, debilitating consequences on our children. If there is a real problem -- such as a learning disorder like dyslexia -- that's a completely different story, but that does not sound like the case.





answers from San Francisco on

I highly recommend The Reading Clinic ###-###-####. It is on San Antonio close to 101. Kristin Powell is the owner.

Good luck to your friend




answers from San Francisco on

Hi I.,

I would suggest finding a college student to tutor. In second grade it is all about practice. So, if your friend does not have the time or patience to do it, a college student can be an inexpensive way to get the work done.

FYI. As a parent, you can get really frustrated with your own child if they are struggling with something that seems easy to you. So, finding someone else to help with homework can ease a lot of tension for the parent and the child. I am in San Jose but I offer this service to parents in my neighborhood. Both the parent and the child feel more relaxed when someone unattached is able to help them.


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