Treatment for 2 Year Old with Eye Mucus??

Updated on February 01, 2010
Y.P. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Dear Mamas
My two year old has had a cold for a week, runny nose, sneeze, mucus discharge from her nose but luckily no fever and has been acting/playing normal. As she is getting over with cold, we are noticing the same type of mucus (i.e. yellow discharge) from nose coming out of one of her eyes now, but other than that, no redness nor itchness in her eye, and no apparent distress in her eye, either. It just that when she was waking up from nap, the eyelash was kind of sticky and a little difficult to open her eye. Could this be a sign of eye infection coming? Any eye drop, either over the counter or by prescription, to give her in case it gets worse or even to prevent it from getting into full blown infection? It is very difficult to get through our pedi's office on the weekend and Monday. Our dear family member is a doctor (but not a pediatrician), so if I know what eye drop is safe to give (at what dose) to a 2 year old, it can be called in to a pharmacy in case it becomes difficult to talk to our pedi office on time.

Thank you VERY much in advance!

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Hi Y.-

I know it's wierd but do you have any breast milk around, or have access to any. I was recommended it and thought it was really bizarre, but tried it because I was desperate to not put medicine in my child's eyes. It worked soooo well! Breast milk has healing powers in it and it was soothing in the eye for my kid's.

Good luck!


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When my daughter had that when she was very young- under one, our doctor had us use little noses. I thought that was wierd cause her eye was the problem. It worked though! Good luck. :-)



answers from Los Angeles on

just so you know the eye drains directly into the nose (that is why your nose runs when you cry) well, the drain can go 2 it probably isn't an infection. just too much snot coming out the other way. I know, gross...



answers from Denver on

Sometimes discharge from the eye is an infection sign (ear infection or sinus). However, not always. Sometimes just a cold. We always just took warm water on a cotton ball a few times a day to wipe it clean and get the goop off the lashes. If it doesn't clear in a few days, then it might need more treatment.



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It is conjunctivitus and it can get worse. It's from rubbing her nose and touching her eyes. Little ones get it all the time when they are sick. You probably should get an eyedrop prescription from your ped.
Sorry she is sick! It's no fun!



answers from Chicago on

It could be a form of "pink eye" or baby pink eye. My son had really bad cold and had the same thing. My doc gave us ointment (prescription) and it cleared up right away. They call it pink eye, but it is not the traditional one that you and I would think of first.



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Unless it's green, you don't need drops. Just use a warm, moist cotton ball to clean her eyes. There's an opening between the nasal passages and the eyes called the nasolacrimal duct (that's why your nose runs when you cry), so the same cold bug that's affecting her nose and sinuses is affecting her eyes. Remember most colds are caused by a virus and just need the passage of time. My hubby used to always freak out when this happened to our son, and I'm an eye doctor! Sorry, if your daughter's eye discharge does turn green, I can't tell you what medication to use over the internet, but your physician friend should know, or you can see an optometrist (since many are open on at least Saturday).



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It could be allergies. My daughter seemed to have reoccuring pink eye, but it turned out to be allergies that I can treat with over the counter Zyrtec. I would take her to the pediatrician first though to make sure it isn't pink eye. Speedy recovery!



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Sounds like pink eye and you would need drops prescribed by a Doctor , clears up very quickly with drops but won't go away without them , highly contagious aswell so you would need to use seperate towels.



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My daughter (2 1/2yrs) just went through this a few weeks ago and her pediatrician advised me to use a warm compress on her eye in the morning if it is crusty or sticky looking and then use a couple drops of artificial tears(I bought the cvs brand)to flush her eye out during the day.
That should help, but of course if any of the symptoms continue for longer than a few days or get worse, she will need to see her ped.

Hope this helps,



answers from Los Angeles on

My one year old just had the mucus stuff coming from her eyes at the end of last week. It was the end of a week of cold symptoms and then discharge from the eye. I just made sure I wiped it out with a clean tissue or washcloth and made sure I washed my hands after. I made sure I was on top of the nose wiping, so none of the snot went into her eyes inadvertently.

I just kept up the cleaning for the three days that the discharge was coming and then it cleared itself up. As long as the whites of the eyes didn't get pink and irritated. The eyes were definitely more glossy than usual during the discharge time.

Good luck. I would save yourself a trip to the doc unless you see other concerns. My first daughter would get the discharge so bad that it would seal her eyes shut, so I would apply warm washclothes to wipe away the muck. Again the eyes were not pink, so I knew it just had to clear on its own with the cold.


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