Pink Eye, Cold or Allergies?

Updated on April 13, 2011
M.W. asks from Cleveland, OH
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My 2 year old has had a stuffy/runny nose and kinda crusty, teary eyes (both eyes) for the last few days.
He had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago, and his eyes were also very teary and nose stuffy then. He was treated with antibiotics and seemed all better for a few days.
His symptoms now seem the same as they did then, but the green-ish yellow build up around his eyes is new. He is not acting sick or tired though, and he was with the ear infection. He's eating and drinking and playing as usual.
The sitter thought it was pink eye, we called the doctor and she prescribed eye drops over the phone, but part of me is wondering if that's what it really is. He's not itching his eyes, and they don't look red or irritated. Has anyone else gone through a similar experience?

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So What Happened?

Thanks, Ladies, for all your advice. We took him to the doctor just to be sure and it turns out he has pretty bad infections in both ears, and she said it's pretty common to have ear infections and eye infections (essentially pink eye) together. He's now on liquid antibiotics that will treat both infections. I may end up having him evaluated for allergies at some point but for now I think we're just keeping our fingers crossed that it all clears up soon. Our poor little guy is such a trooper!

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answers from Boston on

My son hasn't had pink eye but has gotten typical pink eye symptoms with sinus infections, ear infections, and allergies. I'd say its worth a trip to the doc

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answers from Washington DC on

My son has had both pink eye, & crusty eyes due to allergies and backed up sinuses (he's 19 months). Your situation sounds like backed up sinuses. It looks an awful lot like pink eye, with the amount if crust & all, but you can usually tell the difference if he's recently had cold/sinus/allergy symptoms, and if the eye isn't red or pink.

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answers from Cumberland on

Whatever it is-warm compresses-with a clean cloth each time-and frequently-will help-good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I was outside all day sunday and my allergies kicked in. My eyes have been red, pretty crusty in the morning and teary. My right eye was half way stuck shut. My eyes are red, sore, swollen and itchy. When I called my allergist to make an appt she said they were booked for the next 2 months but got me in next Tuesday at 12:30.

It sounds like allergies to me. A lot of times people assume I have pink eye when its not.

go with your gut, it usually doesn't lie.



answers from St. Louis on

My 8 month old has pink eye now. He started having the runny nose and woke up this morning with the yellow drainage in his eyes. Now he has some yellow drainage and crusty eyelashes. His pediatrician prescribe some drops that he gets 4xs a day. If it were allergies he would only have clear watery eyes.



answers from San Antonio on

My daughter used to get crusty eyes when she was little. It was her sinuses getting "backed up". She would wake up and I would have to wipe her eyes with a warm washcloth to get the eye boogies off. It would get really bad where I was wiping her eyes out almost hourly when her allergies were bad or she had a cold.


answers from Las Vegas on

My son had the same symptoms. He had green stuff coming out of his tear ducts. When I took him the the Pedi they informed me that it was allergies and the sinus's were backed up to the ears. (he had numerous ear infections as well) This was after an ear infection. I would take him to the doctor just to be sure.
Hope this helps:)



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like the same thing my son had a few months ago. It started with just the greenish buildup in the corner of one eye when he woke up in the morning, then over the course of 3 days it spread to both eyes and turned into a sticky discharge that would almost glue his eyes shut. He never had a fever, didn't act different, and his eyes weren't "pink" to look at them, but if you looked closely you could see a slight tinge of pinkness, and his eyes just didn't look right, they were kinda glossy. Anyhow, we went to the doc on the 4th day, got some eye drops, and the symptoms totally cleared up after 24 hours. The doctor said that I was right not to bring him right away, because it's not always "pink eye" but that once it progressively got worse and spread to both eyes it was time for the drops.

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