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Updated on January 20, 2011
J.P. asks from Glendale Heights, IL
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Yesterday I took my almost 3 year old to the doctor for ear pain and was told that she does have an ear infection. So we started her on Zythromax. Then this morning she woke up with a "crusty" eye. Nothing else looked wrong with it, it just needed to be wiped with a washcloth. But as the day went on, the skin around her eye started to look pink and irritated, and her eye lid is a little puffy. I have no experience with pink eye so I looked up the symptoms and it showed an eye with the white part looking pink (which hers is not) and said it would be itchy (which hers doesn't seem to be). So, besides pink eye, what could this be? And if it is pink eye, will the Zythromax help with it? If it looks bad in the morning, we will call the doctor again, but just wondering your thoughts...

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answers from Chicago on

This is part of the ear infection / sinus infection. My son had it several times, my daughter had it once. It has something to do with the connection of the tear ducts & sinus passages. Should clear up shortly after starting antibiotics (24-48 hrs). Worried me the first time we experienced it!

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answers from Cleveland on

Hello. i actually just had some problems with my son he is 6 months old. i thought it was pink eye the syptoms came out of no where. it ended up to be cellutitis which is kinda dangerous depeneding on how infected the area is.i would recommend getting her eye checked out immediatly for signs of infection. i wouldnt wait i would call the doctor in the morning and get her in. trust me this infection is NO fun at all. we are still dealing with ours. it came him a clogged tear duct.

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answers from Washington DC on

If it is pink-eye, the Zythromax won't help. You'll need drops for her eyes. We all just had pink-eye over the holidays. Our eyes were crusty, had discharge and were pink/red. My eye was puffy, but no one else had that in our house. I hope she wakes up fine in the morning! My daughter said her eye hurt, but I didn't have that. My eye was itchy.

If not pink-eye, then it could just be from the cold. I'd call the doc again in the morning if no improvement or if she has a crusty eye again.

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answers from Chicago on

ear infections frequently come with pink eye. you will know tomorrow when you wake up and its all nastey. sounds very much like pink eye. and you need to get special eye drops. usually they will rub and get in other eye. very contagious. don't take her anywhre but the dr. she'll be fine but she'll look like she got in in the face, with 2 puffy eyes so don't be scared : )

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answers from Denver on

Call the doc in the morning if her eye is crusty again. Wash hands wash hands wash hands! Do not re use any towels, tissues or anything else on her eye.

Zythromax won't help if it is pink eye, sorry mama:( My kids rarely got pink eye, they just carried it home to me. I've had it more times as an adult than most kids ever have!

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answers from Sacramento on

I've heard of people saying that they have a "cold" in their eye, when they don't have symptoms of pink-eye, but just a watery discharge... I'd use a cotton ball with warm water to clean it and see if it improves or gets worse in the next day or so. Pink eye is pretty clear... goopy dishcharge coming from the inside duct, red eye and really itchy. You should be able to tell soon, as it will either clear up or it will get worse. Be sure to wash hand often and use a separate cotton ball for each eye so it doesn't spread to both. Pink eye is super contagious.

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answers from Chicago on

If your child is very congested the "snot" can back up and come through their eyes. My daughter used to get this all the time when she was younger and couldn't blow her nose. Pink Eye is conjuctivities, which is the membrane that covers the white of the eye. If the white of the eye is still white, not pink, red, or itchy, it's not pink eye and most likely just from congestion. Warm compresses and wipes will clean it out, also good nose blowing.

I would still call your doctor if your concerned, I just wanted to share my experience with it being nothing :-)

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answers from Chicago on

My sister took her 1 year old son into the doctors for the exact same thing. Sunday night he had a crusty eye so I wiped it with a warm wash cloth and suggested she take him to the doctors to make sure it wasn't pink eye or a cold in his eye.

The very next day, the skin around his eye looked red, puffy and irrated. It looked like he was got popped in the eye, but instead of a bruise, it was just red in color.

She took him to the doctors and he didn't have pink eye, but he has a sinus infection that spread to his eyes and ears.

So, I would take her in.


answers from Bloomington on

Sometimes my daughters eyes do that too. Mostly when her allergies/sinus acts up. The first time I thought it was pink eye too.



answers from Chicago on the germ mentioned can present as pink eye, ear infection and pneumonia any or all.

Unfortunately this just went through my daycare! One little guy ended up in the hospital for 5 days with pneumonia - his lungs sounded clear but he kept spiking high fevers so they did a chest xray and found severe pneumonia in BOTH lungs. So, please if he gets a fever take him in for a chest xray



answers from Rockford on

It kind of sounds like she might have a blocked tear duct. It can be a part of the ear infection issue. if nothing is coming out of it you can gently massage it to try to dislodge what is blocking it. The treatment for the ear infection should help, but if it's draining, I wouldn't worry too much. You may want to go ahead and call your doctor just to ask and see if they have any tips about clearing it up, or if they think the antibiotic will do the trick.

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