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Updated on February 24, 2008
R.R. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers 3 year old son is scheduled to have tonsils and adenoids removed. I am worried that we may be too hasty in the decision to do this. He has some apparent sleep disturbances and snoring, possibly apnea occasion. Please let me know if you have advice on whether to go forward with this and what the recovery process will be like. Thank you so much!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for responses. We made it through surgery and had a rough night yesterday spitting out meds and throwing up blood. He went back on IV morphine and felt better then we tried the tylenol by mouth while he was on morphine...seemed to work better. He is doing okay today. We shall see what tomorrow will bring. Thanks again.

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My neighbor's 4 year old had that done. The little girl was up running around in no time and has had nothing but positive effects from this. She wasn't suppose to run around for like 2 weeks but she did and was feeling pretty good in about 2-3 days after surgery.

If he's having sleep apnea now you better do it, sleep apnea is very dangerous and can get very bad as an adult.

I'd rather have tonsils removed now rather than older you heal quicker and faster when your a healty little kid.



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Your son will sleep so much better after he recovers from the surgery that he will seem like a different kid. He should be happier, more rested and shouldn't get sick very often.
You won't know how your sone reacts to the surgery until you get there. Some kids bounce back right away and others take longer. Just make sure he is getting plenty of fluids and eats only soft foods for the first 2-3 weeks. Until the incisions scab over he will get the stinkiest breath ever but that will go away after a couple of days. You can let him be active to a degree (don't let him bounce on a trampoline/bed/sofa for the first 2 weeks). He will tell you how active he wants to be.
The number one reason that kids have post T&A bleeding is because they aren't hydrated well enough. So for the first few days keep giving his pain medication round the clock. That means you'll have to wake him up at night every 4 hours the first 2 nights. It'll be a pain for you and he'll hate being woken up but he won't experience any real intolerable pain becaue you will catch it before it gets bad. He'll drink and eat better if he is feeling beter too.



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My 2 year old just had his tonsils and adenoids taken out last month. They were enlarged so he choked and gagged alot when eating and he also had sleep apnea and narrow airways to boot. I heard from other parents about the 2 week recovery period but my son was different, we stayed overnight at the hospital to moniter his breathing but the very next day he was acting as if he hadn't even had surgery! I do know that there is 2 different procedures to doing the surgery so i would ask the ENT about which one he recommends (unless he only does it one way) because the recovery is different for each one. I think one method is more traditional where they take out more so that the tonsils do not grow back. As far as it being a good idea-most definately! He now is not afraid to eat and has stopped choking on food, he's sleeping better, and hasn't been as sick as he was before the surgery. FYI, tonsils harbor tons of bacteria which can lead to more illnesses including croup, pneumonia, etc. His hearing also has improved although not sure if that is related to having the surgery. Hope that helps!



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My son was 3 1/2 when he had his tonsils and adnoids removed. The recovery lasted a solid two weeks. He missed two weeks of preschool and was still not 100% for the first week back to school. He had a lot of discomfort initially. After the recovery period he slept so much better! His behavior changed. He didn't have mid-afternoon melt-downs and he seemed much less hyper during the day. His attention span improved. His appetite increased also. In the first four months after surgery, he gained 6 pounds. (He was a pretty skinny kid to begin with) Looking back, it was definitely worth the 2-3 weeks of discomfort.
I wish I could remember more details about his recovery but it's been 2 1/2 years. I remember being suprised how long it took for him to really be "himself" again. We stayed busy at home with play-doh, Lego's, and lots of books.
Good luck with your decision.

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