Toddler Feeding Supplies

Updated on August 09, 2011
M.N. asks from Torrance, CA
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Hi Moms. I just moved my two year old out of his highchair and into a booster for meal time. I'm looking for two things - #1) non skid plates and bowls and 2) a nonskid place mat for my dining room table. I have a wipe-off place mat now but it scoots around the table as my son eats. Anyone have either of these products that you really love? Thanks.

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answers from New York on

In the drawer liner section of Walmart or Target you can get some non slip stuff on a roll. A few bucks for a lot. Hot glue it on the back of the place mats you have. Works like a charm! As for the plates, hmmm. Try Babies R Us for some with a rubber ring at the bottom. They are dishwasher safe, I'm pretty sure. I know I've seen them, I just can't be sure of where. BabiesRUs seems a good place to start.

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answers from New York on

Exactly what Jacqueline said!



answers from San Diego on

Pottery barn kids has plates/settings with a non skid bottom. I have a rubber mat from Summer that works great. I keep it in the diaper bag for restaurants. I really like the idea of the shelf liner...why didn't I think of that! ;0)



answers from Reno on

This may sound odd, but in the kitchen/home supply area of most stores (especially like WalMart, etc..) there's a pad that you can cut to size to keep carpets from slipping or as a cushion for glasses in your cupboard. It's normally used for carpets, so I'd look around where kitchen, bathroom and entry way carpets are sold. It's great because it's cheap, you can choose different colors and you can cut it to whatever size you like! Best of luck!




answers from Los Angeles on

Munchkin carries suction cup plates that stick to the table.
For place mats there is a rubber one that also sticks to the table, but it would not work with the Munchkin Plate. So, you could purchase the disposable adhesive place mats and see if they work with the suction cup plate.

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