Kitchen Rugs Leave Rubber on Tile

Updated on September 30, 2009
C.J. asks from Linden, MI
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I have a tile floor in my kitchen, with a couple rugs in front of the sink and stove. When I pick up the rugs to mop the floor, I often find that pieces of the rubber backing on the rug have come off and are stuck to the floor. I then have to spend a long time scrapping the rubber off the floor with a butter knife. What am I doing wrong? Does it have to do with the fact that I put the rugs in the washing machine (but line dry) periodically? I thought about buying rugs with no rubber backing, but am afraid that they won't stay in place very well.

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The rubber backing eventually breaks down and wears off...try not to but them in the dryer... you'll probably need to replace them...

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answers from Detroit on

Any carpet with a rubber backing will leave sooner or later that type of residue on the floor (it is due to traffic and temperature changes).
In order to avoid it you can buy rugs with non-skid backing (the backing is not rubber but a thin layer of non-skid solution...most of the time it is clear color) or you can get a regular rug with no backing and then you can buy a separate non-skid underlay (a kind of rubber rug with wholes in it).
In both cases you can wash the rug without a problem however if you chose the non-skid underlay you have to lift it once a month and turn it, otherwise it will lose its properties and in time with stick to the floor (as long as you turn it once very month or maximum every two months you should be OK.)

Rugs and floor covering is my job so if you need any help or you have any other questions let me know.



answers from Saginaw on

The problem is probably just the fact that they're rubber. In the presence of moisture (like in a kitchen) and pressure (like being stood on) rubber breaks down... and it's sticky.

I recently ground several layers of skin off a couple of knuckles helping a friend get the carpet underlay off her hardwood floors (she's bought a house made in the 30s)... and she completely wrecked a pretty new pair of jeans by sitting in the crumbs of our work as we did it -- imbedded, the rubber bits will not come off the fabric.

You can buy non-skid -- a kind of padding that is not rubber, but polypropelene or something, that you can put between whatever kind of mats you like and the floor, to keep from skidding that will not fall apart the way yours are.



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Hi C., I also have tile floors in my kitchen (which I would never do again - very hard on your feet!!). I only wash my floors with vinegar and water. Don't put the rugs down on a damp floor, or if the rugs are still damp. I never dry my rugs in the dryer and only wash them on gentle, don't use fabric softner either. I;ve never had a problem with rubber sticking to the floor. Hope this helps. Good luck!



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I use the non-skid surfaces that you can purchase in a roll in the kitchen section of Bed Bath and Beyond. I just cut the size to fit the rug, and one roll can do quite a few kitchen mats. This material doesn't seem to stick permanently to the floor but helps the rug stay in place.



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I think over time, rubber will break down, but if it is sticking to the tile, it might be that you aren't waiting for the floor to completely dry before putting the rug back down. You can buy sticky mesh pads if you do buy a rug without a backing. Maybe also consider your laundry product and what you are using to wash the floor- most laundry and cleaning products are petroleum based, so that could be breaking down the rubber, too. Use organic, plant based laundry and cleaning products and see if the rubber lasts longer. I use Shaklee, and it is wonderful! No toxic chemicals for you, your children, or the Earth! Live Green! M. P.S. I have lots of info about going green if you are interested.



answers from Grand Rapids on

It could be what you're using to mop your floor reacting with the rubber from the mat. I wouldn't think that what you're doing with the washing machine would be affecting the mats. I would most likely try a different floor cleaner. You may need to replace your mats to stop the deterioration, once that rubber backing starts breaking down it will keep doing so.


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mine did that when i would put them back down to soon after i mopped and the floor was still wet or water would get underneath them w/o me knowing about it. hope this helps!!!

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