Time Lapse Between Interview and Job Offer?

Updated on July 06, 2013
M.G. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Hi Moms,

I realize every commpany is different and that some companies need more time than others before they make someone a job offer, but after the in-person interview, is there a certain lapse of time that is typical before a company makes someone a job offer? p.s. this is for a director level job. Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on


It depends upon a LOT of things..

1. the position.
2. the number of successful candidates - successful meaning - qualified and interviewed well.
3. the company's position.

A Director level job? Usually two weeks - especially if there were several qualified candidates. If they have a panel review - that could add another week.

For my positions? Senior level can take 4 weeks - from the starting process out. I do keep in touch with my candidates, though, and let them know what is going on.

Has the recruiter contacted you to keep you informed on the process? If not? Reach out to him/her and see where you are in the process. Did you send a thank you note after your interview? A nice hand-written note sets many candidates apart now.

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

In my experience, the higher level the job, the longer it takes to receive an offer. I believe it's because at that level, it's more of a decision by committee, rather than the direct manager making the decision solo. Out of the director-level positions I've held, I think the quickest offer was one week after the third interview.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would think that for a position of this level they'd want to get it down to just a couple of people then perhaps re-interview to be able to have both people fresh in their minds then they'd make their final decision.

Be patient but don't let it go for too long.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I always made it a habit to ask during the interview how soon they'd be making their decision. That way I'd have an idea how soon I should follow-up.

In the meantime, have you sent a thank you for the interview letter and confirmed why you believe you are the best person for the position?

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answers from Hartford on

It can depend on a lot of things. Like, so many things it would take too long to list them here. There's a reason that many companies will say, "We'll keep your application and resume on file for a year/two years." Even after you have an interview.

If you're eager word and it's been a week or longer then you can call them and ask where they are in the process. They could still be interviewing candidates or could be having trouble deciding between candidates and narrowing the pool down.

They may not be urgently looking for someone to fill the spot, so it could take a couple of weeks for them or it could take a few months.

In any case, don't turn down other interviews.

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