Part Two to My Previous Post About Time Lapse Between Interview and Job Offer

Updated on July 08, 2013
M.G. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Here is the situation: My husband was flown in for an in-person interview (for a senior level position) 2 and a half weeks ago, and yes, he sent thank you emails to the 3 people who interviewed him (and one of them, the COO, emailed him back saying he looks forward to future conversations, which we felt was extremely positive). After one week went by and my husband did not hear from the recruiter, he contacted the recruiter. The recruiter told him he did not know anything yet, and he will contact him as soon as he knows something.

I am wondering if you feel the recruiter is telling the truth and really does not know anything, or do you think the recruiter knows something, but for whatever reason is not telling my husband? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

I know this was a holiday week, but I was referring to last week when the recruiter did not reach out to my husband, and my husband had to contact him. I am wondering if you think the recruiter really does not know anything yet, like he claimed?

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answers from Green Bay on

Sometimes recruiters can't say anything even if they do know something. Also, depending on the position, there might be a board of directors that the interviewers have to meet with to discuss all the candidates before putting an offer out there so it might take longer than one would expect.

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answers from Kansas City on

It can take a really long time for the hiring process.

It is possible that the recruiter knows something, but it is his or her job to just be the go between. It is also possible that that person has heard absolutely nothing.

As others have said this past week was a holiday week and a lot of people take vacations in the summer, sometimes it's a matter of waiting until everyone is back in the office before a decision can be made.

Waiting sucks, believe me I know. Hang in there.


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answers from Dallas on

I think I would ask the recruiter a few more questions. Is this normal procedure for this company? Were other recruiters involved in the search for this position? Many companies take an extended time to make an offer to a senior executive. It is a big decision. They may be doing background checks or something may have changed in their organization--ie perhaps another key executive is leaving the firm or a major contract may be on hold or they may need board approval to hire at that level. They may have also made an offer to another candidate (through a different recruiter) and are waiting to see if that offer is accepted. I know you are all getting anxious-but hopefully you will get the offer you desire soon. Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Senior level positions are not filled instantly. They may be interviewing other candidates, checking references, finalizing their own budget (yes, this should be done before they start interviewing, but sometimes things happen). I don't think the recruiter would have any reason not to share a negative decision, but it's possible he's just waiting too. It's frustrating I know but it's out of your husband's hands at this point. We'll keep thinking good thoughts on his behalf!

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answers from Chicago on

Senior positions can take months.

With my hubby's last offer, there was a good 12 weeks for the process. He interviewed the CEO, then waited, then interviewed the rest of the team, and then waited, and waited for the official offer.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've been offered a job on the spot, and I've waited 6-8 weeks after interviews to get an offer.

Having worked as a recruiter -tThere are many things that could be going on at the company, and the recruiter is not required to reveal, and sometimes restricted from revealing any of it (if they even know). A recruiter gets paid when a job is filled, so they are motivated to make offers, but they are not in control of the process or the decision, they only communicate what they are allowed to. The recruiter is telling the "truth" within company policy and employment law.

Recruiters can also be working to fill a large number of openings at a time, so won't always follow-up exactly when they say they will.

BTW - thank you emails are perfectly acceptable during the interview process, in fact, the majority of hiring managers have been shown in surveys to prefer emails. In some companies/positions hand-written notes sent "snail mail" can make a candidate look out of touch.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'd be anxious too. but since this is an upper-level position, i'm betting they're just vetting him much more carefully than if he were looking for a sales job.
if the recruiter DOES know something and isn't saying, it's certainly because it's required that he do so. i wouldn't assume anything nefarious. i mean, it doesn't do your recruiter any good to string your husband along, does it?
it must be maddening, but hold on and keep your pleasant smile plastered in place!

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answers from Washington DC on


he should have sent a NOTE - NOT an e-mail. Anyone can send an e-mail. The HAND WRITTEN NOTE sets him apart.

This is a senior level position, they flew him out - so I would say 2 to 4 weeks and they are doing a panel discussion on the top 3, MAYBE top 5. Remember - even for senior level jobs now in this economy - there are AT LEAST 20 qualified applicants for ONE position. For lower level? 100 qualified to 1 position. Employers can pick and choose - for employers - it's a "buyers" market and the candidates need to sell themselves.

Have your husband contact the recruiter on Monday - it was a short work week this week - most people were off on Friday - so 3 days - and many others took the week I would count out this week as no activity happening...

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

It is a holiday weekend and lots of people do things like go away or mini trips...they sadly are not worried about any of us. Tell your husband to hang in there and wait. I think even recruiters start doing things over these long weekends and take probably a couple of days before and after to get ready. Of course you are anxious. My thinking is you wait until next Wednesday or so and then check back. Mondays are always bad, Tuesday people are getting into the groove and Wednesday might be the magic day. Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

To answer your question, it takes as long as it takes. Last week was a short week and one or more of the decision makers could have been on vacation.

Your husband went for an in person interview. Chances are, they were interviewing at least 3 other candidates, especially for that level. Factor in the candidate's schedule, the company's schedule it could very well take another two weeks. Did they give your husband any type of timeframe? When I interview high level candidates, I keep in touch and let them know where we are in the process.

The recruiter doesn't have to tell your husband anything. He works for the company. If the company wants to offer it to someone else then the recruiter is not going to say anything until the deal is finalized.

I wouldn't write it off yet, but I would have your husband continue his job search. I am never one to put all my eggs in one basket.



answers from Washington DC on

Your husband should wait to hear from the recruiter. If your husband keeps contacting the recruiter, he appears to be either desperate for the job or inexperienced enough that he doesn't understand these jobs can take weeks or months to fill. Either way -- that gives a poor impression. So I would advise him to wait as the recruiter said.

You and your husband also shouldn't waste energy overthinking this and wondering if the recruiter "knows something but isn't telling us, or doesn't know anything, or is lying..." or whatever. That's not fruitful and it wastes time that your husband could be spending looking into other positions, assuming he's interested in continuing his search if this one job does not come his way.

Two and a half weeks, for a senior position, is no time at all to wait. It could be many more weeks before you hear anything either way. In perhaps a month I'd let the recruiter know simply that "if you or the company need more information, just let me know" etc. but that should be all.

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