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Updated on May 12, 2012
K.M. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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Okay so DD loves roller coasters and generally any ride that would scare the heck outta me :) We've decided that it would be fun to visit as many parks as possible, so she can get on all the coasters. I'm thinking maybe two parks a summer, depending on the distance. If we can drive maybe more. Sooo my question is, what theme park do you love? If you're a thrill seeker, which would you consider a must do? We've done Six Flags America and she has been on every one! Busch Gardens-Done. We will do Kings Island this summer. I am looking for any and all in the US. Thanks Everyone!

Zoos, little man is into zoos, sooo same thing for the zoos. Have a great zoo we should visit? We live in the DC area so the national zoo has been seen. We've been to the Cincinnati Zoo and the Louisville Zoo. San Diego is on the list, what others should we add? Any we should avoid? Thanks again.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone, you all gave some wonderful ideas! I've googled everything, now my problem is I don't know what to do first! Legoland is calling my name right about now :P My kiddos are so excited, think will prob do what oneanddone suggested this summer. I know where we will be spending our vacays for the next several years!

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answers from Chicago on

Go to VEGAS!!! The casino coasters are sooo fun. The one on top of the Tower, the one at the stateline, at NYNY, Circus Circus the coaster options are endless.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, you're not far from Pittsburgh. What about a quick weekend trip and knock out a zoo AND and amusement park?

You could check out Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium:

And if you're here for 2 days you could hit Kennywood Park:

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like you need a trip to Southern California! Disneyland - the Happiest Place on Earth! Plus, just 15 minutes from Disneyland is Knott's Berry Farm, which has several thrill-seeking, upside down roller coasters and other rides too. About an hour away is Magic Mountain, a Six Flags Park with tons of scary coasters. An hour south of Disneyland is Legoland, no scary rides there at all but still a fun theme park, especially for a younger kid (assuming he is at least 36" tall, but otherwise don't bother b/c he's too small for all the rides). And then half an hour south of Legoland, is the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, among the most amazing zoo in the country.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Cedar Point hands down is a blast it really a two day thing if you do the water park also. and a nice zoo about 2.5 hrs north is the Detroit Zoo, its not in Detroit its in Royal Oak actually, it has a GREAT polar bear exhibit. Its an all day afair to do that if you can plan that trip to coincide with the Woodward Dream cruise that would be a fun trip.



answers from New York on

We have Lake Compounce in central CT. I love the park, they have Blouderdash roller coaster set into the side of the mountain. Definitetly not on the top 20 coasters, but still good.

HATE - Six Flags New England - dirty and overpriced.

Zoos - It's a smaller zoo, but we really like Roger Williams in RI.



answers from Dallas on

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX. Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TX. Fort Worth Zoo is good, but always very crowded. Zoo in Waco, TX - small but nice. Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, TX. Really enjoyed that one. Hershey Park in Hershey, PA. If you like aquariums, we enjoyed the ones in Corpus Christi, TX and New Orleans, LA.



answers from Washington DC on

All the best theme parks have been named :) Cedar Point is a roller coaster addicts DREAM. It really is one of the top coaster parks in the world. Kings Island rocks too, and I can't WAIT for the stand up coaster at six flags america to be finished and ready to ride :) Also for a great combo theme park try six flags discovery kingdom in Northern CA (San Francisco bay area). It's a combination of a roller coaster park and a sea world type park, really nice park..

Zoos ... don't miss the Columbus Zoo. It's one of the premiere zoos on the planet, Jack Hannah took over and turned that place around BIG time. The zoo is a thousand times improved and nicer and the animals are cared for so well. The San Francisco zoo is nice too, is close to the beach and golden gate park which STUNNING. Also in the bay area is a place called Safari West, they have some of the more exotic animals and they are pretty much free roaming, you take a jeep and go through the park (it's actually got a zoo license) and see all the animals roaming around. The Wilds in Ohio is a similar type park/zoo, but I can't remember the exact location, it's in the Columbus area ... sorta LOL

That's all I can think of off the top of my head :) Have fun and enjoy.



answers from Allentown on

I too am a coaster enthusiast and Cedar Point is awesome but The lines are horrible Six Flags in NJ probably best coasters and you can purchase an easy pass to avoid all lines. Busch in Va most beautiful.

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