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Updated on August 01, 2012
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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For those that have done both, which is better? I have never been to California, but I've been to Disney World more times than I can count. I love it there! My kids had a blast in 2009 as well. We will be going again in either March or sometime over the summer (dance in March or family reunion in the summer).

For Christmas though, we have started (this year) the tradition of taking a vacation instead of doing tons of gifts. The kids will get some of course, but the big gift will be a trip to a new place each year. This year we are going on a cruise and I can't wait!

Next year, I was thinking of flying otu to California and doing Disneyland. Is it worth the cross country flight if Disney World is a 3 hour flight or a one day drive?

ETA: Next year my kids will be 10 (girl), 8 (boy), and 6 (boy), if that makes a difference.

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So What Happened?


The cruise is actually already paid for - well all but $274 and that gets paid on Friday! YAY!!

We are flying to Miami (bought those tickets yesterday) from MD, and getting a ship out of there. It's 7 nights and goes to Nassau, San Juan, Grand Turks and Caicos, and one more location that is escaping my mind right now. It will be a surprise for the kids and we can't wait!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I like Disney World much more than Disney Land. Additionally, flying to CA will be much more expensive than flying to FL and you will waste practically 2 days flying. I also do not like adjusting to the time zone difference.

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answers from Houston on

We've been to both and in my opinion, there is no comparison. Literally they are two entirely different places. Disney World, without a doubt.
Just my two cents....

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answers from Dallas on

Disney World for sure!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have been to both. I'd say go to the closest one based on the price of the airfare. Both are fantastic, but Disney World has so much to do because they have so much more land to develop and do it on.

If both parks were equal distant, I'd go to Disney World. BTW, if you like gardening, Epcot has a tour behind the scenes of Disneys gardens, green houses, and planting techniques. Be sure to reserve a place in advance.

A Cruise will be fantastic. We've been on 18 and you will have a wonderful time. I'd recommend going on at least a 7 day cruise and catching one in in Flordia. That way you can see more islands and ports of call. There is a 9-day cruise leaving out of Baltimore, but it takes two or three days (total time) to travel down to Florida and back.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Austin on

Disney World. Especially for the age of your children.

Not worth the flight.. They will be finished in one day..Not as many bog rides.
Disney Land is geared towards younger children..

Plus you all could Go to the Harry Potter place next to Disney World.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We haven't done Disney World, but we live close to and absolutely love Disneyland. If you have done FL many times before, why not try something new and come out to CA instead? Disneyland is fun. If you want more than just a single park, you can get the park hopper tickets and go to California Adventure, too.

There are tons of other great things to do in So Cal. You can have a really wonderful vacation.

ETA - just read all the other replies. It sounds like Disney World is much more of a 100% Disney vacation. All the parks and nothing else. If you come to CA, there are other things you can do. We have non-Disney theme parks nearby (Knott's Berry Farm has lots of huge coasters and thrill rides), plus you can check out the highlights of LA - Venice Boardwalk, La Brea Tar Pits, Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc. San Diego has Legoland (though I don't really like it for older kids), Sea World, the amazing San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Think of it as a trip to California with Disneyland thrown in the mix, as opposed to strictly a Disney vacation like it would be in Florida. We also have Universal Studios, 6 Flags Magic Mountain and all the cultural parts of LA (Little Tokyo and Olvera Street being some of the best). You can have a blast at a CA vacation.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Disneyland is NOT worth it. We live near Disneyland, but would much prefer to go to Disneyworld. There is so much more to do at Disneyworld and they have the waterparks too and all that.
Plus the time difference is a little rough with kids. I'd stick to your own time zone if you have the option.

The biggest difference that really makes a difference is the price.
Unless you stay at a good neighbor hotel in Anaheim, the 3 Disneyland hotels are crazy expensive compared to the lower end hotels on the Disneyworld property. The lower end hotels at Disneyworld are super fun and the cafeterias are reasonable too. Not so at Disneyland, everything is way more expensive.
My husband and I were talking, and even with the price of airfare to fly our family of 5 across the country to Florida, I think it would be LESS expensive to fly and stay at Disneyworld for a week than just drive 30 minutes and stay at Disneyland for a week, because we would save so much money on hotel rooms there. Crazy, huh?

AND, if you are thinking of doing the vacation around Christmastime, the weather is likely to be much nicer in Florida. Everyone thinks SoCal has nice weather all year. Not so. The average daily temp in Anaheim is probably in the 60's during the day and 40's at night in December. And you could literally have a weeklong rainstorm that time of year here as well. Weather is very unpredictable here during Dec - March. Unless Florida gets a freak freeze, it's usually at least in the 70's that time of year.

Hope that helps.

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answers from Kansas City on

Another vote for Disney World!

We have been to both. We took the kids to Disneyland when they were four and two. It was good because the park is sigificantly smaller and more manageable with younger kids... but... it was crazy hot and sooooo crowded. We did the kid rides, It's a Small World (5 times!) ate a ridiculously expensive lunch, visited the mascots and then LEFT.

When they were older (six and eight), we did Disney World and had a much better time.

BTW, your cruise sounds awesome!! Turks and Caicos is amazingly beautiful and I hope your ship stops in Old San Juan. It's very charming and fun to people-watch. Have a great time!

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answers from Atlanta on

We go to Disneyworld 1-2 times a year. This year we tried Disneyland. While a lot of it was the same, and the differences were fun - especially all the princess stuff and the casino/cars land stuff in California Adventures, it just doesn't hold the same magic. I took the keys to the kingdom tour in disneyworld and really gained an appreciation for everything that really went into making it magical - all the behind the scenes stuff. Disneyland just lacked a lot of it because it lacked the space. You could see the backstage areas and ride warehouses, etc. While friendly, the workers just didn't have that same exuberance to them.

So, while I'm glad to have experienced Disneyland, I don't really intend to go back. Given the choice between the two, I'll pick Disney World every time.

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answers from Chicago on

I've been to both, and I would say that NO, it is not worth the longer flight to go to Disneyland if you are a short flight away from Disney World. Disneyland is much smaller than Disney World. Depending on what time of the year you are planning to visit, Orlando and Anaheim both have their pluses and minuses as far as weather is concerned.

The advantage of going to Disneyland is that there is a lot to see in Southern California outside of the amusement parks. If the kids are longing to see the West Coast, then take them to Disneyland and budget a few extra days to spend at the beach. Otherwise, Disney World is still probably a better fit for you and your family. Have fun!

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answers from Augusta on

Disney World!

Disney World has 4 parks.
Then there's Universal Wizzarding World of Harry Potter , and Lego Land Florida.
Disney World is the all around better choice.
FL you also have Kennedy Space Center not far away and you can turn it into an educational visit.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My grandson in NJ has been to both, he, Mom and Dad prefer Disney World, hands down!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Never been to Disney World but it sounds better according to all these people!
However, I live in and love Southern California and I would still say you should come out here if you have never been! You can do a mini road trip and spend a few days exploring a few places between Santa Barbara and San Diego (both wonderful cities and tourist destinations) LA is in the middle and you can hit up Disneyland for a day and see for yourself how it stacks up. San Diego also has Sea World and Legoland if you like doing the amusement park thing. Do you travel at Christmastime? Or anytime in the year? Its often pretty nice weather in late December here (not beach weather or anything but certainly very pleasant!)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Disneyland is basically just the Magic Kingdom of Disney World, without all the other parks.

IMO, Disneyland is a fun thing to do if you are going to California for some other reason (and there are lots of good reasons to visit California). But don't go there just for Disneyland.

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