I Can't Get Sick Now!

Updated on May 23, 2011
C.D. asks from Springfield, MO
12 answers

Uh-oh! College registration in two hours, soccer double header tomorrow, and my daughter's graduation on Sunday and I am sick! I have a horrible cold! My head hurts, I'm all stuffed up, and my voice is kind of coming and going. I can't be sick right now! Anyone have any tried and true feel better in a hurry remedies?

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answers from Albany on

Sudafed, Motrin, Coffee, Beer, and More Coffee, in that order.

Sorry, feel better (oh, and REST, BAHAWAHAHA!).


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answers from Appleton on

Day-quil and Alka-selzer for colds.

When you get home make a pot of chamomile tea or chamomile/mint tea. Drink the pot of tea all of it. It makes you pee and sweat, so it helps the body rid itself of toxins. It can help get rid of a cold or flu in just a couple of days.

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answers from Dallas on

Ditto Theresa plus theraflu. That stuff is amazing, just keep it in a hot thermos, lol. A tablespoon of pure honey will help your voice a lot and plaster that vics vapor rub under your nose when you can. Good luck busy momma, poor you!

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answers from Kansas City on

It sounds to me like you need to suffer through the registration. Then go to bed and skip the soccer game so you'll be rested for graduation.

As for getting better fast....large amounts of vitamin c spaced out, chicken soup, rest...nothing out of the ordinary.

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answers from Detroit on

Nice hot steamy shower to get rid of the stuffiness. Neti pot if you have it, Afrin, or swipe some Vicks under your nose.

I also find that if I take some Zinc and/or Vitamin C before the cold really sets in, I can get rid of it before it starts. I also find that chewing on a raw garlic bulb (no, it's not fun..have a big glass of water ready) also makes a big difference.

I see your weekend is crazy but try to go to bed early tonight and get some good rest. Good luck and feel better soon.

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answers from Dallas on

It's addictive, so only use it a couple of times........ over the counter...... Afrin

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answers from Washington DC on

Day-Quil works wonders!!!


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answers from Jacksonville on

Try increasing your Vitamin D. I am a huge sceptic of herbal stuff but that does seem to knock out a cold faster.

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answers from Las Vegas on

A cup of water, juice of half a lemon, a spoonful of honey, and 2 tablespoons of oregano (twisted in a coffee filter). Boil and and drink it once or twice a day. You should be all better in about 3 days.

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answers from Biloxi on

Vitamin C and B12 - lots and lots
Plenty of water
Mucinex (or the generic equivalent)
Alka Seltzer cold remedy
Jasmine or mint tea with honey - helps the throat

These are my tried and true over the counter remedies for colds.

Try and squeeze in some extra rest today if at all possible -it will help you get through the weekend.

Oh, and clear your schedule for Monday in case you just need to collapse in bed.

Feel Better
God Bless

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answers from St. Louis on

Afrin severe congestion spray - it's a miracle worker! Hope you feel better!


answers from Kansas City on

Pure vitamin C will do the trick. And then take some Emergen-C daily. Both are in the health area at your store. The C will kick what you've got right a way. The Emergen-C will keep you healthy and from catching anything else. Hope you feel better. Good luck and God Bless.

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