Suggestions for My Daughter's 13Th Birthday

Updated on October 11, 2007
P.P. asks from Garland, TX
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My daughter's birthday is in November and I can not come up with any ideas for a party. I want it to be really special since it is her 13th but I don't have a lot of money to spend. The past 4 years she has had pizza/sleepover parties and I want to do something different this year. She will only be inviting 5 or 6 friends. If you have any suggestions for a special but affordable party please let me know.

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I am a Mary Kay Consultant located in Keller and I have done teen parties where the gal has a sleepover and we do pizaa, popcorn, makeovers that night. I carry a complete teen line of affordable skin care and perfume called VELOCITY. I can also bring fun glosses for them to put on. They feel all grown up! If they want to do eye makeup, that is up to Mom, of course. In addition it is really a great time to speak with them about taking care of their skin. Good luck and God Bless......



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Hi P.,

One of the things that might be fun is to do a Murder Mystery Party. There is a website that will sell the whole script already written out for the girls, all you have to do is tell them what to wear & maybe add a few props to it. They also give you ideas for food & drinks to go along with the theme. The website is They also have some that have nothing to do with Murder, just missing items. I hope you have fun & Good Luck.




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Would renting a limo and going out to dinner (or maybe even a fancy lunch) be too expensive? I remember going to a party like that when I was about 13, and we thought it was so cool to ride around in a limo.



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My mom threw a lot of my birthday parties at the Embassy Suites. They had happy hour for the parent's while we swam free drinks and popcorn for the kids. Then we had dinner and just hung out in the hotel room playing truth or dare and stuff like that. I always had so much fun. My mom would sleep in the living room and we would stay up all night in the room and just have girl time.
Good Luck.



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check out

I am a district manager for Justice and we do Shine Parties. We do hair, makeup, nails, and other fun stuff. Check out the website for a store close to you and give them a call.

Have fun!


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My daughter will be 13 in December. Here is what we have done for the last 2 years and it was a hit.

Last year for age 12. We rented a suite at the Marriott at Shops of Legacy. Total of 5 girls. I had one room and joined with their room. They swam, we went to dinner at Nicola's, had room service late at night with ice cream, breakfast in the am and they all got picke dup at 10am. Now, my daughter's bday is 12/27 so things are not very busy and hectic at the hotels, etc. The Shops of Legacy is a nice place to stroll and all as well. They loved it. Treat bags were a $20 Abercrombie and Fitch card. I think we spent less than $500

At 11, rented a limo. Limo went to each girl's house personally to pick her up. Total of 9 girls (limo will only hold so many so you limit the # of girls). They had a blast listening to their music, having the sodas, etc in the limo, driving all around and when it stopped they would put their heads out the sunroof and had dinner. When it was done, they came to our house, had sleepover. Spent less than $500 Treat bag was a cutsie bag filled with girly girl stuff (appx $20 each)

NOTE: if you are a frequent flyer/traveler, cash in the miles for the hotel room.

We did the limo thing twice because it was so popular. She is thinking about doing the limo again this year and go to salon to have manicures and pedicures and then to another hotel. If you stay at a hotel....your house doesn't get messed up!!! OR, have a catered buffet dinner at a fancy place and then hotel.

A party she attended and enjoyed this summer was.........a sleepover where the girls had hair professionally done, professional pictures made, dinner and then to see the movie Hairspray. The treat bag was a mini album with a few of the pictures and a disc with all of the pictures.

I hope some of this helps! I am in the midst of planning 13 too!


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