11 Year Old Birthday Ideas??

Updated on June 18, 2010
N.A. asks from Bolingbrook, IL
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Hello Mama's! I am in need of some ideas for my 11 year old daughter's birthday... I dont really rember what my mother used to do for me since it's been soo long and thought that some of you mom's might have some idea's for me. She did'nt want to do "goody bag's" because she think's she's too old for them, BUT I still am going to do them. The thing's that im going to put in the bag's are medium sized notebook's (Ed Hardy) and glitter pen's, nail polish, elastic headbands, and lipgloss..She now wants to do them since I took her and let her pick out the things for the bags, and if any of you mom's have more ideas on the goody bags for me then that would be great! Can't wait to hear some of your idea's! Thank's in advance!

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So What Happened?

So I had my daughter's Birthday Party, It was WONDERFUL! I ended up renting out the bouncy house for the kids to play in(although it burnt my grass!) The kid's sang kareoke and enjoyed it. They also loved the goody bag's and my daughter was satisfied as well. Some of the mom's were a bit late on picking up their child (around 11!) but all went well and the look on my daughter's face was priceless! Thank you all for you advice,Greatly appreciated Mama's!

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hair and make-up parties are popular at this age. Also, go to Claire's-they have so many things for girls this age as far as hair, jewelry and cell phone cases, etc. You could go nuts and their prices are reasonable.

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first of all, you should know that i love birthday parties, and one of the things that my daughter and i love the most is planning/preparing. we've been doing her parties like that since first grade (lesson learned in kindergarten about over planning on the parents part). anyway, we come up with the "theme" together. she usually makes the invitations. and although i do most of the execution, she's involved with everything. not only does it extend the party excitement, but it really makes it HER party. and therefore, i don't run the risk of "ruining her life" by doing something she would be embarrassed by.

so, for my daughter's 11th (winter) birthday, we bought tote bags for them to decorate from oriental trading post. although we ended up getting our own fabric markers and didn't bother with their fabric paint. they worked on the tote bags while they waited for everyone to get there. after that they did makeovers and a fashion show. we got 5 floor length mirrors from target and lots of make up and hair stuff (again, dollar store/walgreens) for them to do make overs for each other. i gathered up lots of clothes and accessories and fabric pieces and scarves and then they did a fashion show for each other. my daughter had made a mix cd to help create the fashion show /party atmosphere. we also have a disco ball so that was cool too. during the fashion show we put out a couple of digital camers and they took LOTS of pictures that my daughter later used to make a thank you video for each girl. we also gave them glow necklaces so they had a bit of a dance party in the mix.

it was a sleepover, so after the dance party/fashion show they wached "confessions of a shopaholic". then they played some games like "heart 2 heart" which they loved. they also took more pictures, played "pigs in the blanket" and other typical slumber party fare. i had nail polish and decals but they never got to them.

our goodie bags were simple and inexpensive because i preferred to spend the money on the party. we had pedicure sets from the dollar store, a cd of the party music, the tote bag that they made and some candy. done.

there was no crying. only one girl went home. i considered it a success!!

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How about a small gift card to the local ice cream shop or a movie ticket?

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She could make up cd's of her favorite music.

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check out www.birthdaypartyideas.com, LOTS of great ideas, have fun!!!

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tie dye is fun

they can make homemade ice cram in ziploc bags

scavenger hunts are very popular at this age

water balloon fight

capture the flag is a hot game in my neighborhood right now

for my daughters 11th birthday I set up bocce ball, ladder ball, bean bag toss, cleared the driveway for basketball, took a radio outside and provided lots of food and the girls just did whatever they wanted to do

good luck!

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What about having the girls each make their own t-shirt... Maybe tie-dye, fabric paint, sewing on letters cut from other fabric, using yarn to sew a design on them, etc...? There are lots of examples in the Internet... Try sites like FamilyFun.com & Michaels.com.
The shirts will act as both an activity as well as a take-home goodie.

Hope that helps...!
M. / TheClassyClown.com

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my daughter loved her 10th bday - we did a sleep over and had a blast - the menu was her fav foods (Portillo's chopped salad, pizza, soda and then tiramisu for dessert). They played sticker tag, sardine tag, hide and go seek and then did eachother's hair and nails. It was very simple, and just plain ole fun. The best part though was we had a Mary Kay rep come and teach the girls to do their make up. Each girl got a little demo sample thing to do as the Mary Kay person told them how to do it. Goody bags were lotions, fancy soaps and other things like that.

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We had a limo party for my daughter's 11th and 12th because she loved it so much.

At 11, the limo picked everyone up at their home, proceeded to ride around town, the girls had music, snacks, etc. LOVED it. The limo idea also limits te number of people due to the size...

After the ride, everyone came to our home for a sleepover, movies and they made picture frames.

At 12, we did the same thing with the limo except we had a smaller group, went to a very nice hotel, had dinner at a nice restaurant, went back to hotel, they girls swam, late late night we ordered room service snacks.

I had a w room suite for the hotel, the girls were in 1 room, I was in the other. The next morning, they left after breakfast.

Goodie bags at the 12th party were $20 giftcards to Abercrombie (the favorite store for them at the time).


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What about a bounce house or another type of inflatable. Check out Space Walk of Pasco inflatables. www.herecomesfun.com/pcf ###-###-####

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Wow, it's been awhile since I was 11 too. lol Once I hit middle school, my birthday parties were all at the local bowling ally. I was allowed to invite five people to the party. Your goody bags sound awesome!

Have fun and good luck!

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