Suggestions for Helping Children with Adhd Using Sensory Intergration

Updated on October 05, 2009
E.C. asks from Kansas City, MO
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i am a preschool teacher with adhd, my daughter has it and i have a few students who i am reasonably sure have it. my question is does any one have any other ideas on sensory/fidgit toys i can use for myself, my daughter or my students? i have used tiny porcupine balls, rolled up post it notes, small squares of felt, silly putty (for me, not appropriate for the students, and have to clear it with the daughter's teacher first)pom poms, squishy balls, "yucky medicine balls" ( had pencils pokes thru them and then they leaked, or they were used beyond the rubber's point of failure.) and "lap buddies". any one have any more ideas? the bumpy seats dont work for long, maybe i have them inflated too much?
And for my daughter, she is 10 and i dont want to put her on medication for her adhd becasue she is very petite as it is, and she lost even more weight when she was on them. Her main problem (besides not being able to focus during math class) is impulsive lying. She will occasionally (to me and my husband) lie for no reason, not to get anything, but just for whatever. to her dad on the other hand, she acted scared and timid all the the tiem when she was at his house, FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER. until he called and asked me if anything was wrong at my house becasue his baby girl was actng like she was scared to death. on a hunch i went to my daughter. in any trouble etc...well it turned out she was play acting at his house so that when she was about to get in trouble, she wouldnt get in as much trouble. (smart child lol) i sat her down and explained that if she continued to do this type of thing, she might end up convincing a police officer that she had a reason to be afraid of us and she might be taken away and have to live in a FOSTER HOME. well, that cleared up that problem, but she still tries to get away with it at other times. i'm not even sure if this is soemthong that most kids her age start doing just becuse they are begining to test the boundraries and see how much they can get away with or what. i know i have rambled on quite a bit and i apologize, but i am out of ideas for both situatiuons.

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answers from St. Louis on

Hmmm, I would be more worried about the lying!!!! This is more a problem than the ADHD. yes it is behavorial and yes it manipulates that should be your first issue to take care of and it may even slow down some of her ADHD as she is smart enough toknow when to use it and when not. I grew up hyper and did not have drugs nor any extra hand things to keep me busy-my mother worked very hard to teach me how to focus and stay on task-it worked I finshed college and hold a great job today and even have time to relax (ok my relaxing is still sometimes busy to some-but it works for me). Get her in counseling and you too for her lying-it can help the whole family for that matter-her Dad and his other gang too. Especially if you want her to have a great childhood and grow up calmer.

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answers from Wichita on

Have you tried a "Bop It" as a training tool? Its a hand-held game that is more interactive than Simon. You have to pay attention and the follow the directions, Bop-It, Pull-it, Twist-it, and Flick-it.

Also think about hair on the back of the next as something distracting. Most ADHD and mildly auticic kids do better with their hair pulled-up, so it is not rubbing on the back of their necks.

You should also look into "Love and Logic". Its a great program that helps parents learn how to response and direct their children. Good luck.

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answers from Kansas City on

Hi E.,

I have a son with high functioning autism also. He had lots of sensory issues which have mostly resolved due to diet and supplements. We work with a DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. They try to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. These doctors are not just for kids and adults with autism either. They treat ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Migraines, Eczema, Fatigue, and Fibromyalsia. All of these symptoms can be related to food allergies/intolerances. Our doctor helped us find out that our son has a multitude of food intolerances and airborne allergies. His body also does not process his foods correctly, so his body was totally out of balance and not getting the right nutrition. Now we have him on a special diet and many supplements to give him what he's not getting from his food. Almost all of his sensory issues have resolved and he is able to sit and focus. If you're interested in finding a DAN doctor in your area, you can go to There is a lot of information on that website that might help.

Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

My child with autism and SID has benefited SO much from this book. Most of the things can be made with household items and I love that it is separated according to issue (ie: auditory, visual, sensory, etc.).

The Out-of-Sync child has fun.

Here's a link to amazon for it:



answers from Joplin on

Dear E.,

I know of two supplements that may help you. My son has sensory integration and (not officially diagnosed) but we feel Asperger syndrome (high functioning Autism) often they go hand in hand. And he says that it helped him focus and that it curbed his mannerisms.
The products are a WHOLE fruit mangosteen juice and a tablet called Eleviv. The mangosteen has a palethera of benefits and the Eleviv basically restores the bodies metabolic balance. Both of these are completely natural with no side effects. Because they are natural, everyones response if different, but I thought that you may want to give it a try. You may be surprised at the results! Let me know if I can help. Contact me at [email protected]
God Bless you in your search. ~J.



answers from Kansas City on

I dont know about the sensory intergration thing, but my mother in law helped control my brother in law without medication by cutting out all sugar and junk food from his diet. (I guess I should say sugary snacks, he still got fruit and stuff) and it helped him alot. Good luck, I really admire you trying to control your daughter's adhd without medication. I have a relative who thought it was too much trouble and just put her kids on ritalin. ick.



answers from St. Louis on

I practice a natural technique that has helped may people with ADHD. To find a practitioner nearest you, you can visit

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