Stomach Flu - 3 Yr Old

Updated on October 26, 2011
L.L. asks from Allen, TX
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My son has stomach flu. He threw-up on saturday night several times and we went to ER. He was fine and was eating bland foods for two days. Now everyday (last 3 days) he throws up at least once. He now refuses to eat toast, banana, apple sauce or white rice. I dont know what else I can give him. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

I would say don't try to get him to eat much at all maybe jello or popcicles. And some gateraide. your main concern should be him being dehydrated. At that age they don't understand. I would take him to his pcp if he keeps throwing up even once a day.

Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Dallas on

I would agree that I'd worry more about fluids. He'll be fine without food. The stomach flu that is going around now is pretty nasty and causes a lot of stomach pain and cramping. My family had it and it was more than a week until we were fully better. You may want to take him to your pediatrician. While she can't do anything to make the virus go away, she can give him an antinausea / anticramping medicine that may make him more comfortable. Hope he is better soon!

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answers from Minneapolis on

No food for at least 24 hours 48 is best. That is how we get over the ishy feelign quickly.

Clear liquid diet, Examples, chicken broth, jello, gatorage, clear drinks/juices. Nothing solid...

Info told to us by many different peds and er doctors

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answers from Dallas on

I would highly recommend probiotics to help get his stomach back to normal. You can buy a kid's version at CVS just off the shelf, but I asked the pharamcist for a recommendation, and he ended up recommending one that he had in the refrigerator behind the pharmacy counter. The one I use for my little one is in the form of granuals, and I just sprinkle them into her milk in her sippy cup. What you're doing is putting some of the good bacteria back into his system.

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answers from Houston on

I would not give food only liquids until he is ready to eat. If you give him food before his body is ready it will make his stomach spasm because it is irritated. The stomach flu takes a while to feel like yourself again even after you have finished throwing up. If he starts throwing up liquids hold off on them for a few hours (unless he has diarrhea then he needs liquids) to allow his stomach to settle. Lots of Gatorade or pedialyte or clear liquids is good. I hope he feels better soon.

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