Worried About Sick Toddler, Help!

Updated on May 18, 2011
M.U. asks from Tampa, FL
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Hi mamas,
My 23 month old son got a stomach virus 2 days ago and has been getting better only to get worse again. I am stressed out and looking to vent and get support from others who as mom's have been in similar situations. This is my first, so everything new/different is scary when it comes to illness. He had severe diarrhea and vomitted twice 2 days ago and had a fever that evening/night. The next day (yesterday) he ate a banana, apple sauce and some crackers, seemed to be getting better, no fever in evening or night. This morning I thought we were in the clear, no fever, seemed ok. After drinking a bit of water he suddenly vomitted again and seemed very sick again (no energy, sleepy, sick looking). Took him to pedi, they did tests, said nothing showing up, probably just virus he is getting out of his system. Gave him lollipop to raise blood sugar. He ate most of the lollipop and then vomitted again. The pedi said if he continues to vomit and looking sick, take him to hospital. Yikes! Since 11am today, he ate just a bit of banana and a few crackers, drinking a little throughout. No vomit so far since morning, no poop, but periodically complains that something is bothering him. It is after 4pm and I'm at a loss! Help!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the advice and support. I feel better knowing that others have been there and what to do about it. LIttle man ate a little bit of apple sauce and a cracker. He has been sipping on pedialyte and water throughout the day. No vomitting since this morning as of 6pm. He does have wet diaper through the day and tears when cries. If he starts vomiting again I will take him to the hospital just to be safe.

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answers from Tampa on

Run to the health food store and get bifidus, or call Simplexity 800-800-1300 and ask for someone close who has their bifidus , and get this in him-
no sugar- that lowers the immune system,
water, little ice chips, freeze some apple cider, and break flacks of that for him to suck on.
best, k

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answers from Seattle on

Just go slowly. Like 1-2 oz of clear liquid or pedilyte and then wait 30 min. then 1-2more oz. He might want to eat, but that doesn't mean he should. If the liquids are okay for a few hours then try like 2 saltines...gotta go easy. And from my experience no dairy for at least 5 days. It is harder for their stomach to digest. Good luck!

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answers from Saginaw on

We just had a severe case of this with our middle child. Ended up having to take him into ER and have IV fluids to get him back and running. He is fine now it was just a major tummy bug that our poor little man couldn't handle. Had to take him in a second time after IV fluids to help again but they just gave medication and juice to help out. Took over a week for him to get all better. best thing you can do if you are worried is take him in.Our ER was mroe then happy to help our little guy feel better. He had to be on a clear liquid diet for three days, Absolutely nothing but clear fluids and that was a huge help. He doesn't need any solids to survive.

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answers from Miami on

When my kids have a stomach bug, our ped. orders "intestinal rest" for several hours. This means nothing but a few ounces of Pedialyte or Gatorade for several hours (6-8). If they are able to keep that down, then move onto clear broth. If they keep that down then you can add boiled chicken breast, rice, plain saltines, etc. Very bland diet for 24 hours. No dairy - having the stomach virus can make you temporarily lactose intolerant and start everything up again. When I had the stomach flu last year, my Dr. told me to stick to Pedialyte or Gatorade, not water. Also, not a lot of sugar (which may be why he threw up the lollipop). If he's still sick after doing this type of diet, you should take him to the hospital. Also be sure to watch for dehydration (not urinating regularly, no tears when crying, etc.). That's the real concern with stomach flu - you don't want them to get dehydrated.
Good luck. It is going around. We've had it, but luckily it was shortlived at our house.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Banana's Rice Applesauce dry Toast. The sucker probably made him vomit...yuck!



answers from St. Louis on

re-introducing foods is a challenge after a virus such as this. Very small amounts, bland foods.....help ease the situation.

Pretty much, I let my kids dictate what they wanted to eat (within my own guidelines). Pretzels, dry cereal, grah crackers, watered-down juice, slightly flat 7up/etc, mashed potatoes....anything bland! Good Luck!



answers from Miami on

Ask your ped for Zofran this medicine will take the nausea away. My son had this terrible stomach flu and the only thing that helped to stop the vomit was this medicine. If the doctor seems reluctant insist upon it. It made a whole lot of difference and he was finally able to drink the pedialyte without vomiting it.
Hope he recovers soon!



answers from Dallas on

Has he had wet diapers? Can he hold down liquids? If the answer is no, I think you should go to the er. They can give him some iv fluids to take him up.

Kiddies don't tolerate dehydration well.

If you don't want to go to the er, make every attempt to get fluids into him. Food does not matter at this point, only liquids. No juice - sugar irritates the intestinal lining & can worsen diarrhea. My hospital recommends pedilyte. Not Gatorade - the electrolytes are off for kiddos so young. If your kiddo won't dry k it, try getting the unflavored kind & making jello with it.

Popsicles count as fluids.

You can use a syringe or eye dropper if you have to, to get a couple of mL in at a time, but if your kiddo isn't peeing, has no tears when he cries, can't keep down any liquids, is very lethargic, or if you're Judy really concerned, it's time for the er.

Don't wait too long - better safe than sorry. We've saved many kiddies this year simply with iv fluids.



answers from New York on

No worries- things will get better! My 2 year old caught a bad stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. He was sick for 6 days exactly. He had bad diarrhea for the 6 days, and had on and off vomiting for 4 days. He barely ate, and barely drank. Day 7, he ate breakfast and kept it down and no diarrhea, it all went up from there. He will be fine.


answers from Dallas on

I hate it when they get sick so little. It's so hard. Just take it easy and feed him simple foods. Our ped said no juice if they are having diarrhea because it can make it worse. Sounds like he might be over that now, though. Just watch him closely. Odds are he'll get better after a few days. I hope he feels better quickly.



answers from Joplin on

there is also something called rotavirus that causes them to vomit and diarrhea.... you have to watch on this because they can get dehydrated,i would just take him back if he is getting worse not better.



answers from Harrisburg on

Keep watching him and give him fluids. Make sure you re-introduce foods little bit at a time. He hasn't vomited this morning, so that's a good sign. If you begin to see projectile vomitting again, take him to the hospital. I usually give a little ginger tea or peppermint tea to settle the stomach after a boost of vomit. I hope he gets better.



answers from Houston on

Stomach viruses are the worst to get over. Its going to be another few days before you can trust your son's stomach to hold anything down.

Let him rest and give him small bites and sips of things. Try frozen pedialyte pops and let him eat it s-l-o-w-l-y.



answers from Tampa on

You poor thing!! It is so hard to watch your child be soooooo sick!! We all have been there and it is not fun. You seem to be giving him the right things to eat. More than anything push clear fluids like water and juice, but very small amounts at a time (like a tablespoon). You want to keep him hydrated. As for the pooping, he won't do that again until he can keep food down for a day or two. Viruses can sometimes go on for a week with symptoms like you said....appearance of getting better than looking sick again and having a fever in the late afternoon. I would definately follow your dotors advice and take him to the ER if he keeps vomiting because they can give him a shot to help. Good luck.



answers from St. Louis on

I was told by my peditrician that as long as he was still having wet diapers we were good. Make sure he is drinking something, anything, that he will keep down and just cuddle him.

If he isn't keeping even fluids down, I would go to the ER after the time that your peditrician suggested.

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