Staterra and Concerta`

Updated on March 08, 2007
J.L. asks from Englewood, OH
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Hi, my 10 year old son has been on Straterra 40mg for over 2 years, now that he is getting older and more mature, it seems to wear off around 5-6 pm and having a hard time sitting still in school and paying attention. The dr. yesterday put him on concerta 27mg.. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this ADHD drug Concerta and any info will help thanks-J.

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answers from Cleveland on

my 13yr old takes Concerta and i have had no serious side effects. he did have some trouble sleeping and a loss of appetite in the beginning, but he has adjusted well and actually does really well on it



answers from Dayton on

Hi J.
My ten year old son was put on Concerta a few months ago.He started out on 36mg.Its a popular ADHD medication and for most part it works.He now has been increased to 56mg because of his weight,so to answer your question it should work for him,but every child is different.



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My 9yr old daughter has been on Concerta for 3 yrs. She is on 54 mg(the highest dose). It took a couple of months to get the right doseage, but once we found it, she's done great! We initially really had to watch her weight~she dropped a lot of weight and had to make her eat. It's an appetite suppressant. Now that she's been on it awhile though, her body regulated that problem. It lasts til about 6-7 pm,because I give it to her at about 6:30am. She's in daycare and that's when she goes so we have to give it to her that early. They usually suggest to give it around 8am. Haven't really had any problems!!



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My husband was on Concerta before Straterra and found that Concerta wore off faster for him and had more side effects than Straterra. He also had to keep up-ing the dose to keep it effective.

They key was finding a great doctor who would work with us behaviorly as well - not just relying on the drug to 'cure' the ADD.

Dr. Kramer at OSU is amazing. He is a psychiatrist and can therefore do counseling AND prescribe meds accordingly. He has been so helpful!




answers from Cleveland on

Hi J.! My son is 11 and is ADD. We tried the Straterra when he first went on meds and it didn't work for us. #1 he doesn't like to swallow pills and still won't. The only one that we found that he can take is Metadate. I can actually open the pill and put the pellets in a tsp of applesauce or yogurt. He is on 30 mg. he use to have the side effect of loss of appetite but as he's gotten older it doesn't seem to be much of an issue anymore. Unlike Stratera he only has to take one a day and it's good for 12 hours. You can give it to them twice a day but we choose to do just once a day. PLUS it works right away so there's no waiting for a week or 2 for it to get into his system. We also take him off in the summer when he's not at school. He really only takes it because he can't focus on his work ling enough to get anything completed. We don't feel the need to give it to him durning the summer.We've been very happy with it. If there's any other questions you may have I'd be happy to try to answer them.


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