Soymilk Good or Bad for You?

Updated on April 29, 2010
M.M. asks from Horseshoe Beach, FL
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i always thought i was doing something great by drinking soy milk, but my younger sister keeps on about how "processed and bad it is for you" Does anyone have more info on this.

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answers from Gainesville on

It's controversial at the very least. Too much so for my taste. If you want a cow's milk alternative that you KNOW is safe, try almond milk. My kids love it.



answers from Miami on

IT'S BAD! Phytoestrogens....especially for boys! The other thing is most ppl allergic/sensitive to cow's milk are cross allergic to soy. Try almond, oatmeal, or rice milk. Soy is genetically modified which is like eating pesticide.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Two things I have noticed about soy: #1 it seems that non-organic soy seed producers have really hybridized the seeds of their soy (not sure if they use genetic modification). # 2 when you search soy on the internet there is a very pro-meat (and anti vegetable protein) organization who comes to the top of the search. I believe they use search engine optimization, as the actual article that you link to does not receive much creedance elsewhere on the net. The article they promote is alarming, it freaked me out many times, until I dug around further and got a sense of the group's agenda.

Sorry, I don't have a direct answer for you. My son can't drink regular milk, so i had to get over any fear of soy fast. I do stick to organic soy, though.

My pediatrician assured me that soy was a healthy choice.

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answers from Portland on

I have two reasons why I won't drink soy milk or eat soy products.

1) The rainforest in South America is being destroyed because it is more profitable for them to slash and burn the forest to make room for soy farms.

2) Soy, unless it is fermented such as tofu, is metabolized into an estrogen-like substance in our bodies. Added estrogen wreaks havoc on our bodies- whether male or female. In males it can lower testosterone, and in women that can play a role in fertility, hormones etc.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd talk to your doctor and ask what evidence is available pro and con.

There are a lot of urban myths going around that don't appear to be substantiated with large scale clinical trials as of yet, but that doesn't mean that soy milk is good or bad necessarily.

There was a study published recently that discussed the volumes of misinformation on the internet related to medicine and a call to action for physicians to be more present on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to put the correct information out there.

So, I wish I had an opinion to support or not, but I really believe you need to speak with either a physician or a dietician for a more clinically-based opinion.

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answers from Casper on

I think it is fine. Milk is more processed - the homogenization, pasteurization may be great for bacteria restraint, but doesn't mean it's healthier. Tell your sister to do the research on her own and come back in 5 years and tell me what she's learned by her own studies.

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answers from Orlando on

I would only use organic soy, as (just with anything else) regular soy is over processed & hydrogenized. Also, I would not give it to a boy, regardless, due to the fact that it mimics estrogen. Alternate with rice or almond milk, too.



answers from Melbourne on

I think the old addage about everything in moderation is so true. If you are unsure about soy milk, and cant or wont drink regular milk, switch it off with almond, rice or hemp milk. I've been vegan for a while, and I believe animal products (milk included) do more nasty stuff to your body than soy products.



answers from Tampa on

Soy milk is bad for your thyroid...and hard telling what other parts of your body....I would not drink soy milk...



answers from Miami on

GMO (genetically modified) soy products are best avoided - if you use soy milk make sure it's non-GMO. Other than that it depends on the person whether soy goes well with their system or not... it does contain weak estrogen-like compounds that can affect people in either a positive or negative way based on their own body's chemistry. Phyto-estrogens (plant-based estrogens) can protect women from adverse affects of excessive human estrogens and estrogen-type compounds in plastics. For men, even the weak phyto-estrogens are not good in high amounts.



answers from Daytona Beach on

i dont' believe it's bad in moderation. it does have estrogen in it, so it is best to avoid giving it to males.


answers from San Francisco on

My niece had a regular milk reaction. She would get severe cramps in her stomach causing diarrehea etc. She switched to Soya and she has never felt better since. I tried it and really don't care for the taste but its what you get used to. I would think that Soy milk is good for you or they would have taken it off of the shelf a long time ago. These places where the milk is made are under alot of scrutiny prior to any of the different milks going into stores. I hope this has given you a sense of calm. If its working for you, drink it. Everything is processed so much these days. If we checked every label on things that we eat and drink I think we would all starve. lol Do your thing darlin'. Its whats you feel is best for you!!



answers from Miami on

Regular milk is great for you if you are not lactose intolerant. And soy milk is great for you if you aren't allergic to soy. It has the same amount of protein as milk. It is just soy beans and water, made in a similar fashion to coconut milk. There's nothing weird in there. It often has calcium carbonate added to make up for the calcium it lacks in comparison to milk. I personally prefer milk, but I have heard nothing bad about soy milk unless you are allergic to soy or you buy some that doesn't have calcium added. Although, you could take a calcium supplement.



answers from Tampa on

M. Sue,

I used to think soy was a wonder food, but then I found out how they have genetically altered it and how the processed soy foods can cause so many issues with our bodies. Check this website out and do a little research, then you can decide.

good luck,



answers from Tampa on

Is soy milk bad for you? It depends. If you have a history or prone to ovarian or breast cancer yes. For the average person maybe not. The reason is soy has chemical similar to estrogen.

I drink almond milk (mainly coffee & cereal) because I don't like cow's milk or soy milk. The soy milk seems to dilute my coffee too much for my taste. Almond milk not so much.

If you decide to try the Almond Milk, it is cheaper in the freezer section & has a longer shelf life than what you get on the shelf (the ultra-pasturized kind)



answers from Tampa on

American soy is over processed and mimics hormones, and I don't recommend it for anyone, but especially not for children as it has been shown to bring puberty early.
But check Eat right 4 your blood type- there are blood types that do ok with soy- but personally if you are one of those type get it organic for sure!

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