Do You Use Almond or Soy Milk in Your Smoothie?

Updated on March 11, 2011
L.W. asks from Livonia, MI
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I am going to make smoothies in the morning for breakfast. Which milk is the best to use? I researched my question first and read that soy milk is not good for children, what experience can you share on that information?

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answers from Philadelphia on

You'll read lots on both sides of the soy argument and in general if you look at who funded the research you will know the outcome. There are more hormones in cow milk than the phytoestrogens in soy milk. We think everything in moderation is probably fine, but I do only use organic soy milk since it's a heavily sprayed crop. My son loves almond milk, so we drink that, but soy is cheaper, so I use it in baking, smoothies, etc. Often in smoothies I just use a little water to thin it out.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi Loving---We use both at our house. I prefer almond milk, especially with cereals, and my daughter prefers soy. We also use rice and coconut milks, but I usually use almond as it has fewer carbs.

Soy is perfectly fine and actually is quite beneficial, even for women with breast cancer. The estrogens in soy are the same as the weakest one (our bodies make 3 different kinds of estrogen) and actually fill the breast estrogen receptors so that the stronger, disease creating estrogens cannot.

I do agree that soy should be organic as it tends to be a heavy GMO (genetically modified) food. I tend to use almond milk in smoothies because I use a soy/tofu powder/rice powder drink mix.

Flax and chickpeas contain phytoestrogens and you don't hear anyone warning people from consuming them. But, read this article. It shares references that may help your decision.

Give me a call if you have any questions. You have my number. Be well, D.

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answers from Dallas on

I drink rice milk. My husband and sons use soy milk. Use whatever you like. Choose organic soy and I think it is fine for children........girls AND boys.

do more research. like this article:

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answers from Detroit on

Soy milk is FINE for kids, my two LOVE it. Obviously if there is an allergy you'd need to avoid it, but soy is something Asians have been using for hundreds of years and they are some of the healthiest people (until they adopted our diet!)

Personally I don't like soy milk plain, but I do like Almond milk or Coconut milk. However soy has much more protein (and its complete), so I use it because I feel full longer. With all the fruit in there, you can barely taste a difference. Try the vanilla soy milk, its very good for a smoothie, or in your coffee.

Best wishes!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I use both-whichever is cheaper at the store.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

I use almond or coconut milk. I do not believe soy milk is a good option, especially if it is not organic, then it is pretty much for sure GMO. But even organic I think is way too much soy. I make both my own almond (or other nut milks) and my own coconut milk. You can just google that and figure it out pretty easily, it saves a ton of money and is much healthier! Good luck with smoothie making !

Oh, by the way, I make smoothies almost every morning and I put a lot of different things like hemp seeds, a green powder with different cereal grasses, chia seeds, goji berries, spirulina and chlorella among other stuff... just some ideas, of course along with fruit... which I buy in big bulk bags at Gordan's Food Service for much's not organic but I can't afford to buy everything organic. So during the winter when not much fruit is in season that is the route we go, it's nice and easy.

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answers from Rochester on

Soy milk, I have been lectured by a fellow mother at my church who runs a health food co-op, is terrible for children. Something in it that mimics estrogen, and can not only heighten levels but bring on early puberty? I, personally, haven't done the research.

However, having a baby with milk and soy allergies, I use rice milk. I haven't tried the nut milks because there is a history of that allergy in our family, as well, and I just don't want to risk it!

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answers from Cumberland on

I use frozen fruit, oj and fresh banana

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answers from Detroit on

I prefer the taste of almond milk best... and makes better smoothies imo. The aftertaste of soy is just not pleasant...

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answers from Boca Raton on

Neither.. I use orange juice and water :0)

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answers from Spokane on

We already liked the almond milk (I make it every couple of days and sometimes I add cashews too if they're on sale) so I didn't use soy milk. But I also wasn't avoiding the processed foods that contain it (trust me, it's in almost everything!) until we found out my oldest son has a really high sensitivity to it. My sons nutritionist & doctor told me that soy messes with the endocrine system, etc. Our society as a whole eats way too much soy and in many more forms than the Asians do. Most of their soy consumption is of the fermented variety while we'll even eat the darn beans raw. They do eat a lot of tofu but theirs is different than ours because of import laws, etc. Theirs has more beneficial enzymes, etc. that's helped break down the proteins that our bodies have a hard time dealing with.

The book "Nourishing Traditions" has a good chapter on it. (It's a great cook book etc). And recently a friend I know shared this site with that she happened to come across. She's gluten/soy/dairy free (she has to be, it's not by choice; she often laments not being able to eat butter or ice cream) so she pays attention to sites talking about it.

Either way, even if I weren't concerned (and couldn't use it) about soy's health benefits, I'd still choose almond just because it tastes better and it's so easy to make.

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