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Updated on April 10, 2008
J.M. asks from Fox River Grove, IL
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I would like to try a sling this time when I have my baby but I have NO idea which ones are good. I am particularly interested in ones that say they are good for nursing tho I don't really understand how that works b/c it seems like the baby sits lower than that. Any recommendations?

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I posted my two favorite baby carriers in my bargain hunting article on my blog, "Raising a Healthy Child". If you're interested you can check it out at: I hope you will find the articles to be beneficial and would love to hear your feedback.



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I nursed in a Kangaroo Pouch, Maya Sling and Ergo Carrier. It can be done.

I would see if you have a local retailer near you so you can go in and check out the different styles.

With my next I think I may try the Moby Wrap. But my favorite with a newborn was my adjustable pouch then when they were a little bigger the Ergo (which I still use with my almost 3 year old - on my back). You can use the Ergo from birth - teenager (just kidding but the weight limit is something crazy like 65lbs!) Go to and you can watch video of a newborn in the carrier and all the different ways to carry the baby once they have head control.

I just noticed you live in Menifee - Not sure how far Redlands is from you but it would be worth it I'm sure to drive to Kissui, check out the site:




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I really think this is something you're going to have to wait on-until baby comes (so you can try them out). What works for one doesn't always work for another-especially if you're conserned about breastfeeding or even back support. Babies-R-Us (the one in Murrieta) has slings you can try on.



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I wished I would have used a sling with my first 2 babies. it truely is a god sent! I bought the slingrider at babies r us for 30.00 and used it for 6 months with my 3rd baby. I could nurse while walking around disneyland! I wasn't slowed down by having to stop and nurse every 2 hours and no one knew. it was also great on my back because I wasn't trying to carry the baby around when she would cry at the gocery store or whatever errand I had to take her on. get one get one get one it takes getting use to so practice using it at home first. good luck

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